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2020 3rd Special Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time
SB 1801 -1 Adopted 12/21/2020 9:22 AM
SB 1803 -1 Proposed 12/21/2020 9:44 AM
SB 1803 -4 Proposed 12/21/2020 11:13 AM
SB 1803 -3 Proposed 12/21/2020 12:03 PM
HB 4401 -7 Proposed 12/21/2020 10:54 AM
HB 4401 -9 Proposed 12/21/2020 11:16 AM
HB 4401 -6 Proposed 12/21/2020 11:21 AM
HB 4402 -1 Adopted 12/21/2020 9:24 AM
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter
Meeting Material 2020 3rd Special Session - J3SS Committee rules (adopted) staff
Meeting Material 211info (LC 18 testimony) 211info
Meeting Material Adam Kronberger (LC 21 testimony) Adam Kronberger, Head of School, Crosshill Christian
Meeting Material Adele and Mark Cerny (LC 18 testimony) Adele and Mark Cerny, residents, Grant County
Meeting Material Alex Wilkens (LC 18 testimony) Alex Wilkens, Licensed Property Manager; Owner, Kingfisher Property Management
Meeting Material Alexander Rhodes (LC 18 testimony) Alexander Rhodes, Board Member, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Alexis Chan (LC 10 testimony) Alexis Chan, resident, 97232
Meeting Material Alexis Garrett (LC 18 testimony) Alexis Garrett, landlord
Meeting Material Alice Shapiro (LC 18 testimony) Alice Shapiro, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Alison McIntosh (LC 18 testimony 2) Alison McIntosh, Oregon Housing Alliance
Meeting Material Alison McIntosh (LC 18 testimony) Alison McIntosh, Policy and Communications Director, Neighborhood Partnerships
Meeting Material Allan Renwick (LC 18 testimony) Allan Renwick, resident, Manzanita
Meeting Material Allegra Jasper (LC 18 testimony) Allegra Jasper, landlord, Eugene
Meeting Material Amanda Morehouse (LC 18 testimony) Amanda Morehouse, Family Advocate, Human Solutions
Meeting Material Amanda Porterfield, Dylan Kruse, & Mary Kyle McCurdy (LC 28 letter) A. Porterfield, The Nature Conservancy; D. Kruse, Sustainable NW; M. K. McCurdy, 1000 Friends of OR
Meeting Material Amanda Richardson (LC 18 testimony) Amanda Richardson, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Amanda Singh Bans (LC 18 testimony) Amanda Singh Bans, mental health therapist, Multnomah County
Meeting Material Amanda Stuermer (LC 18 testimony) Amanda Stuermer, Founder & Director, World Muse
Meeting Material Amber Cook (LC 18 testimony) Amber Cook, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Amy Corbett (LC 18 testimony) Amy Corbett, Chief Program Officer, Metropolitan Family Service
Meeting Material Amy Davidson (LC 18 testimony) Amy Davidson, Crime Survivor Program Director, Partnership for Safety and Justice
Meeting Material Amy Fellows (LC 21 testimony 2) Amy Fellows, MPH
Meeting Material Amy Fellows (LC 21 testimony) Amy Fellows, MPH
Meeting Material Ana L (LC 10 testimony) Ana L, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Ana L (testimony) Ana L, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Andrea Meyer (LC 18 testimony) Andrea Meyer, AARP Oregon
Meeting Material Andrea Valderrama (LC 18 testimony) Andrea Valderrama, Policy Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon
Meeting Material Andreas Rossberg (LC 18 testimony) Andreas Rossberg, housing provider, Eugene
Meeting Material Andrés Oswill (LC 18 testimony) Andrés Oswill, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Commissioner Eudaly
Meeting Material Andrew Hart (testimony) Andrew Hart, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Andrew J. Smith (LC 18 testimony) Andrew J. Smith, County Solutions Director, Association of Oregon Counties
Meeting Material Anginette Echols (LC 18 testimony) Anginette Echols, USN Veteran, Medford
Meeting Material Ann Harris (LC 18 testimony) Ann Harris, resident, Hood River
Meeting Material Anna Levario (LC 18 testimony) Anna Levario, resident
Meeting Material Anna M. Menanno (LC 18 testimony) Anna M. Menanno, landlord, Bend
Meeting Material Anna Menanno (LC 18 testimony 2) Anna Menanno, landlord
Meeting Material Anne Kayser (LC 21 testimony) Anne Kayser, mother, Portland
Meeting Material Annie Fox (LC 18 testimony) Annie Fox, Jesuits West
Meeting Material Annie Hansen (LC 18 testimony) Annie Hansen, housing provider, Eugene
Meeting Material anonymous (LC 18 testimony 2) anonymous, resident
Meeting Material anonymous (LC 18 testimony) anonymous, stagehand
Meeting Material Art and Sharyn Allen (LC 18 testimony) Art and Sharyn Allen, landlords, Lebanon
Meeting Material Arthur Towers (LC 21 testimony) Arthur Towers, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
Meeting Material Arthur Towers (LC 29 testimony) Arthur Towers, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
Meeting Material B Lemler (LC 18 testimony) B Lemler, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Barbara Ogawa (LC 18 testimony) Barbara Ogawa, landlord, Ontario
Meeting Material Barbara Ruth Robbins (LC 18 testimony) Barbara Ruth Robbins, rental property owner, Eugene
Meeting Material Barry Taylor (LC 29 testimony) Barry Taylor, Executive Director, Oregon Dental Association; licensed dentist
Meeting Material Becky Lemler (LC 18 testimony) Becky Lemler, landlord, Elmira
Meeting Material Becky Tymchuk (LC 21 testimony) Becky Tymchuk, Chair, Beaverton School Board
Meeting Material Benjamin Jablonski (LC 18 testimony) Benjamin Jablonski, resident, Clackamas
Meeting Material Benno Lyon (LC 18 testimony) Benno Lyon, resident, Corbett
Meeting Material Bernabe Ruiz (LC 18 testimony) Bernabe Ruiz, resident, Northeast Portland
Meeting Material Beth Winegar (LC 21 testimony) Beth Winegar, Administrator, Columbia County Christian School
Meeting Material Betsy Tucker (LC 18 testimony) Betsy Tucker, resident, Bend
Meeting Material Bianetth Valdez (LC 18 testimony) Bianetth Valdez, resident, Multnomah County
Meeting Material Blaine Porth-Henderson (LC 18 testimony) Blaine Porth-Henderson, Business Manager, Revere PDX
Meeting Material Bob and Pam Englund (LC 18 testimony) Bob and Pam Englund, property owners, Springfield
Meeting Material Bonnie Ferrara (testimony) Bonnie Ferrara, Cioppino House Restaurant, Eugene
Meeting Material Brad Smith (LC 18 testimony) Brad Smith, Windsor Properties, Ltd.
Meeting Material Breeauna Sagdal (testimony) Breeauna Sagdal, resident, Molalla
Meeting Material Brett Clarno (LC 18 testimony) Brett Clarno, landlord
Meeting Material Brian Hoop (LC 18 testimony) Brian Hoop, Executive Director, Housing Oregon
Meeting Material Brian Kier (LC 18 testimony) Brian Kier, small property owner
Meeting Material Brian Shipman & Mary Colombo (LC 10 testimony) Brian Shipman & Mary Colombo, Wild Roots Farm
Meeting Material Britney Colton (LC 21 testimony) Britney Colton, lawyer and mother
Meeting Material Caitlynn Smith (LC 18 testimony) Caitlynn Smith, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Caleb Weaver (LC 10 testimony) Caleb Weaver, Public Affairs, Uber Technologies, Inc.
Meeting Material Cameron Call (LC 18 testimony) Cameron Call, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Candace Bell (LC 18 testimony) Candace Bell, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Carla La Fleur (LC 18 testimony) Carla La Fleur, La Fleur Properties
Meeting Material Carla Plotycia (LC 18 testimony) Carla Plotycia, landlord
Meeting Material Caroline McDonald (LC 18 testimony) Caroline McDonald, Graduate Support Assistant, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest
Meeting Material Carolyn Zakarian (LC 18 testimony) Carolyn Zakarian, resident, Salem
Meeting Material Carrie, resident, Salem (LC 18 testimony) DN, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Carson Bauder (LC 18 testimony) Carson Bauder, landlord
Meeting Material Caryn Dombrow (LC 10 testimony) Caryn Dombrow, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Catie Theisen (LC 18 testimony) Catie Theisen, Oregon AFL-CIO
Meeting Material Celeste Goulding (LC 18 testimony) Celeste Goulding, MSW
Meeting Material Celeste Wilson (LC 18 testimony) Celeste Wilson, landlord
Meeting Material Charles Radebaugh (LC 18 testimony) Charles Radebaugh, landlord, Eugene
Meeting Material Charlie Morden (LC 18 testimony) Charlie Morden, landlord
Meeting Material Charlotte Olympia Wenzel (testimony) Charlotte Olympia Wenzel, former member of the Portland small business community
Meeting Material Charlotte Rogers (LC 18 testimony) Charlotte Rogers, property owner
Meeting Material Chelsea Dunn (LC 10 testimony) Chelsea Dunn, restaurant worker
Meeting Material Cheryl Dalton (LC 18 testimony) Cheryl Dalton, Northwest Rents
Meeting Material Cheryl J. McDowell (LC 18, LC 10, LC 21, LC 28 testimony) Cheryl J. McDowell, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Chris Bouneff (LC 18 testimony) Chris Bouneff, Executive Director, NAMI OR
Meeting Material Chris Coughlin (LC 18 testimony) Chris Coughlin, Policy, Advocacy, and Engagement Director, Our Children Oregon
Meeting Material Chris Cronin (LC 21 testimony) Chris Cronin, Chair, JD SD #3
Meeting Material Christian (LC 18 testimony) Christian, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Christian Gaston (testimony) Christian Gaston, Budget Director, Office of the Governor
Meeting Material Christine Cardona (LC 10 testimony) Christine Cardona, delivery driver, Medford
Meeting Material Christine Larson (LC 18 testimony) Christine Larson, landlord
Meeting Material Cici Powers (LC 18 testimony) Cici Powers, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Cindy McLeran (LC 18 testimony) Cindy McLeran, McLeran Investments, LLC
Meeting Material Cindy Storie (LC 18 testimony) Cindy Storie, A-1 Property Management
Meeting Material Claire Shields (testimony) Claire Shields, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Claudia Koff & Chris N. Nunley (LC 18 testimony) Claudia Koff & Chris N. Nunley, residents, Portland
Meeting Material Connor (LC 18 testimony) Connor, Business Manager, Northpointe
Meeting Material Corine Nussmeier (LC 18 testimony) Corine Nussmeier, apartment owner, Salem
Meeting Material Courtney Haber (LC 18 testimony) Courtney Haber, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Courtney Helstein (LC 18 testimony) Courtney Helstein, Political Director, Family Forward Oregon
Meeting Material Courtni Dresser (LC 31 testimony) Courtni Dresser, Government Relations Director, Oregon Medical Association
Meeting Material Craig Clemens (LC 18 testimony) Craig Clemens, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Dacian Garhartt (LC 18 testimony) Dacian Garhartt, unemployed resident, Portland
Meeting Material Dan Goldman (LC 21 letter) Dan Goldman, Northwest Regional Education Service District
Meeting Material Dan Hayes (LC 18 testimony) Dan Hayes, Real Property Management Solutions
Meeting Material Dan Valliere (LC 18 testimony) Dan Valliere, Chief Executive Officer, REACH Community Development
Meeting Material Daniel Davidson (LC 18 testimony) Daniel Davidson, landlord, Springfield
Meeting Material Danna Geil (LC 18 testimony) Danna Geil, resident, Brownsville
Meeting Material Darlene Chirman (LC 28 testimony) Darlene Chirman, resident, Portland
Meeting Material David (LC 18 testimony) David, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material David Ballew (LC 10 testimony) David Ballew, President, Hood River Distillers, Inc.
Meeting Material David Cole (LC 18 testimony) David Cole, residential property owner, Springfield
Meeting Material David Fikstad (LC 18 testimony) David Fikstad, resident, Portland
Meeting Material David Moon (LC 18 testimony) David Moon, landlord, Salem
Meeting Material David N. Welton (LC 18 testimony) David N. Welton, resident, Bend
Meeting Material David Parker (LC 21 testimony) David Parker, Superintendent, Forest Grove School District
Meeting Material David Russell (LC 18 testimony) David Russell, landlord, Eugene
Meeting Material David Sloop (LC 18 testimony) David Sloop, resident, Dundee
Meeting Material David Williams (LC 21 testsimony) David Williams, Executive Administrator for Strategic Initiatives, Beaverton School District
Meeting Material Dawn Kassebaum (LC 18 testimony) Dawn Kassebaum, landlord
Meeting Material Deanna Palm (LC 18 testimony) Deanna Palm, President, Hillsboro Chamber
Meeting Material Deborah Olson (LC 18 letter) Deborah Olson, resident, Gresham
Meeting Material Deborah Olson (LC 18 testimony 2) Deborah Olson, resident, Gresham
Meeting Material Deborah Olson (LC 18 testimony) Deborah Olson, resident, Gresham
Meeting Material Deborah Sposito (LC 18 testimony) Deborah Sposito, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material Dennis and Bonnie Chappa (LC 18 testimony) Dennis and Bonnie Chappa, landlords, Eugene
Meeting Material Dennis Casady (LC 18 testimony) Dennis Casady, small landlord
Meeting Material Dennis DeBolt (LC 18 testimony) Dennis DeBolt, rental housing owner, Salem
Meeting Material Diana Feldman (LC 18 testimony) Diana Feldman, landlord
Meeting Material Diane Johnson and Ovidio Garcia (LC 18 testimony) Diane Johnson and Ovidio Garcia, ADU owners, Portland
Meeting Material Dianne Cassidy (LC 18 testimony) Dianne Cassidy, landlord, Gladstone; resident, Lake Oswego
Meeting Material Dieter Wehner (LC 18 testimony) Dieter Wehner, iHomes
Meeting Material Donata DeNicola-Barrett (LC 10 testimony) Donata DeNicola-Barrett, Owner, DeNicolas Italian Restaurant
Meeting Material Donna L Cohen (LC 18 testimony) Donna L Cohen, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Doug Herboth (LC 18 testimony) Doug Herboth, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Dwane Krumme (LC 18 testimony) Dwane Krumme, Executive Director, Habitat La Pine Sunriver
Meeting Material Ed Hutson (LC 10 testimony) Ed Hutson, restaurant owner, Portland
Meeting Material Ed Kaiel (LC 18 testimony) Ed Kaiel, priest
Meeting Material Eddie Passadore (LC 18 testimony) Eddie Passadore, resident, Washington County
Meeting Material Edith Casterline, Richard Greensted, Allen Poole, et al. (LC 18 testimony) Edith Casterline, Richard Greensted, Allen Poole, Rental Providers for Positive Change
Meeting Material Elaine and Darrell Graham (LC 18 testimony) Elaine and Darrell Graham, residents, Springfield
Meeting Material Elaine L. Zevenbergen (LC 18 testimony) Elaine Zevenbergen, Finance and Admin Director, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Elizabeth J Hanna (testimony) Liz Hanna, Owner, Mad Hanna
Meeting Material Ellie Hubbard (LC 18 testimony) Ellie Hubbard, landlord
Meeting Material Emilie Azorr (LC 18 testimony) Emilie Azorr, Clackamas Women's Services
Meeting Material Emily Beck (LC 18 testimony) Emily Beck, social services employee; resident, Central Oregon
Meeting Material Emily Cooper (LC 21 testimony) Emily Cooper, Legal Director, Disability Rights Oregon
Meeting Material Emily Fern Dayton (LC 18 testimony) Emily Fern Dayton, MS and parent
Meeting Material Emily Fern Dayton (LC 28 testimony) Emily Fern Dayton, MS and parent
Meeting Material Emily Schnipper (LC 18 testimony) Emily Schnipper, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Emma Kallaway (LC 21 testimony) Emma Kallaway, Govt. Relations Director, Portland Community College; Oregon Community College Assoc.
Meeting Material Emma Swanson (LC 18 testimony) Emma Swanson, Peer Support Supervisor, Permanent Supported Housing, Sheltercare
Meeting Material Emory Mort (LC 18 testimony) Emory Mort, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Eric Nelson (LC 10 testimony) Eric Nelson, Co-Owner, EEM Portland
Meeting Material Erica Lee (LC 18 testimony) Erica Lee, Community Manager, Linden & the Cameron
Meeting Material Erin and Evan McKillakove (LC 18 testimony) Erin and Evan McKillakove, residents, Portland
Meeting Material Erin Fielding (LC 18 testimony) Erin Fielding, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Estelle Womack (LC 18 testimony) Estelle Womack, rental property owner
Meeting Material Ethan Hasenstein (LC 21 testimony) Ethan Hasenstein, resident, Corvallis
Meeting Material Eva Kronen (LC 18 testimony) Eva Kronen, Family Support Coordinator, Head Start of Lane County
Meeting Material Eva Rippeteau (LC 18 testimony) Eva Rippeteau, Political Coordinator, Oregon AFSCME Council 75
Meeting Material Ezra A. Caraeff (LC 10 testimony) Ezra Caraeff, Three on a Match Bar Group
Meeting Material Fawn Faribault (LC 18 testimony) Fawn Faribault, landlord
Meeting Material Felisa Hagins (LC 29 testimony) Felisa Hagins, Political Director, SEIU Local 49.
Meeting Material Fred Purdy (LC 18 testimony) Fred Purdy, Purdy Real Estate
Meeting Material Frida Endinjok (LC 21 testimony) Frida Endinjok, Nutrition and Food Equity Program, Familias en Acción
Meeting Material Gabriel Rucker (LC 10 testimony) Gabriel Rucker, Chef/Owner, Le Pigeon, Canard
Meeting Material Gary and Kathy O'Neal (LC 18 testimony) Gary and Kathy O'Neal, landlords, Grants Pass
Meeting Material Gary Mertz (LC 18 testimony) Gary Mertz, landlord
Meeting Material Gary Stanford (LC 18 testimony) Gary Stanford, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Ginny Hoke (LC 21 testimony) Ginny Hoke, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Glen Szymoniak (LC 21 testimony) Glen Szymoniak, Superintendent, Klamath County School District
Meeting Material Gordon Herbst (testimony) Gordon Herbst, resident
Meeting Material Gordon McGraw (LC 18 testimony) Gordon McGraw, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Grace Badik (LC 18 testimony) Grace Badik, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Graham Trainor (testimony) Graham Trainor, President, Oregon AFL-CIO
Meeting Material Greg Astley (LC 10 testimony) Greg Astley, Director of Government Affairs, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association
Meeting Material Greg Gleason (LC 21 testimony) Greg Gleason, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Greg Swedenborg (LC 10 testimony) Greg Swedenborg, hotel owner, Cannon Beach
Meeting Material Guadalupe Guerrero (LC 21 testimony) Guadalupe Guerrero, Superintendent, Portland Public Schools
Meeting Material Gwenn A. Baldwin (LC 18 testimony) Gwenn A. Baldwin, City of Beaverton
Meeting Material Hafer (testimony) Hafer, US Navy Retired
Meeting Material Hannah Smith (LC 10 testimony) Hannah Smith, head of public affairs, western U.S. Grubhub
Meeting Material Heather Sielicki (testimony) Heather Sielicki, resident, Eugene
Meeting Material Heather Stuart (LC 18 testimony) Heather Stuart, Coalition Director, Fair Shot For All Coalition
Meeting Material Heidi A. Sipe (LC 21 testimony) Heidi A. Sipe, EdS; Superintendent, Umatilla School District
Meeting Material Hilary Mar Lopez Nichols (LC 18 testimony) Hilary Mar Lopez Nichols , Health Equity Organizer, Oregon Health & Science University
Meeting Material Hillsboro School District Board of Directors (LC 21 testimony) Hillsboro School District Board of Directors
Meeting Material Ingram (LC 18 testimony) Ingram, renter
Meeting Material Isaac Hung (LC 18 testimony) Isaac Hung, President, ICM Resources, Inc.
Meeting Material Jack Henderson (LC 21 testimony) Jack Henderson, Superintendent, Dufur School District #29
Meeting Material Jackson Clarke (LC 18 testimony) Jackson Clarke, AFSCME Local 3135 Home Forward; landlord
Meeting Material Jake Cornett (LC 21 testimony) Jake Cornett, Executive Director, Disability Rights Oregon
Meeting Material Jake Cornett (LC 29 testimony) Jake Cornett, Executive Director, Disability Rights Oregon
Meeting Material James (Ed) Waggoner (LC 18 testimony) James (Ed) Waggoner, Property Manager
Meeting Material James Booth (LC 18 testimony) James Booth, Office Manager, Dolphin Property Management
Meeting Material James Garber (LC 18 testimony) James Garber, landlard owner/operator
Meeting Material James Harker (LC 18 testimony) James Harker, Chief Executive for Population Health at Providence Health & Services
Meeting Material James Schroeder (LC 18 testimony) James Schroeder, CEO, Health Share of Oregon
Meeting Material James White (LC 18 testimony) James White, property manager and real estate principal broker
Meeting Material Jan Remund (LC 18 testimony) Jan Remund, resident, Bend
Meeting Material Janelle Detweiler (LC 21 testimony) Janelle Detweiler, Superintendent, East Linn Christian Schools
Meeting Material Jared Cordon (LC 21 testimony) Jared Cordon, Superintendent, Roseburg Public Schools
Meeting Material Jason L. Miller (LC 18 testimony) Jason L. Miller, Legislative Director, Oregon Rental Housing Association
Meeting Material Jean Tonsfeldt and Ward Tonsfeldt (LC 18 testimony) Jean Tonsfeldt and Ward Tonsfeldt, resident, Bend
Meeting Material Jeanette DeCastro (LC 18 testimony) Jeanette DeCastro, resident, Clackamas
Meeting Material Jeff Bennett (LC 18 testimony) Jeff Bennett, Attorney, WarrenAllen
Meeting Material Jeff Hill (LC 18 testimony) Jeff Hill, resident, Bend
Meeting Material Jeff Reingold (LC 18 testimony) Jeff Reingold, President, Income Property Management Co., Portland
Meeting Material Jeff Terry (LC 10 testimony) Jeff Terry, Bartender, Cafe Nell, Oregon Bartenders Guild
Meeting Material Jenna Campbell & Evert Greis (LC 18 testimony) Jenna Campbell & Evert Greis, landlords, Portland
Meeting Material Jenna Fox (LC 18 testimony) Jenna Fox, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Jennifer Leathers (LC 18 testimony) Jennifer Leathers, apartment building owner
Meeting Material Jennifer Peskin (LC 18 testimony) Jennifer Peskin, landlord, Central Oregon
Meeting Material Jennifer Quist (LC 10 testimony) Jennifer Quist, partner, Doug Adams; Owner, Holler Hospitality
Meeting Material Jensi Albright (LC 18 testimony) Jensi Albright, Membershio Manager, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Jeremiah and Pauline Pruitt (LC 18 testimony) Jeremiah and Pauline Pruitt, IBT Management LLC.
Meeting Material Jeremy Salmon (LC 18 testimony) Jeremy Salmon, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Jeremy Seely (LC 18 testimony) Jeremy Seely, Glenwood Property Management
Meeting Material Jerry Barrow (LC 18 testimony) Jerry Barrow, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Jerry Graham (LC 18 testimony) Jerry Graham, priest
Meeting Material Jerry Mason (LC 18 testimony) Jerry Mason, Westland Investors
Meeting Material Jessica Baesler (LC 10 testimony) Jessica Baesler, Owner, Someday Bar
Meeting Material Jessica Chapman (LC 18 testimony) Jessica Chapman, houseless advocate and activist
Meeting Material Jessica MacMurray Blaine (LC 10 testimony) Jessica MacMurray Blaine, Creative Director & C.O.O., Marché Restaurant Group
Meeting Material Jill MacCartney (LC 18 testimony) Jill MacCartney, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Jim Howell (LC 18 testimony) Jim Howell, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Jim Kosel (LC 10 and LC 21 testimony) Jim Kosel, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Jo Layne McDow (LC 18 testimony) Jo Layne McDow, landlord, Eugene
Meeting Material Joan Krause (LC 18 testimony) Joan Krause, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Joanna Rosinska (LC 18 testimony) Joanna Rosinska, resident, Albany
Meeting Material Joanne Alexander (LC 18 testimony) Joanne Alexander, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Joanne Di Paola (LC 18 testimony) Joanne Di Paola, resident, Lane County
Meeting Material Jody Stegman (LC 18 testimony) Jody Stegman, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Joe Mansfield (LC 18 testimony) Joe Mansfield, housing provider
Meeting Material Johanna Kibrick (testimony) Johanna Kibrick, renter, Eugene
Meeting Material John McCormick (LC 28 testimony) John McCormick, Acting Mayor, Gates
Meeting Material John Snippen (LC 18 testimony) John Snippen, real estate broker and landlord
Meeting Material John Tyler (LC 21 testimony) John Tyler, Superintendent, Salem Academy Christian Schools
Meeting Material Jose Aparicio (LC 21 testimony) Jose Aparicio, Vice Chair, North Wasco County School District Board
Meeting Material Joseph Stewart (LC 18 testimony) Joseph Stewart, rental property owner, The Dalles
Meeting Material Joseph Tobin (testimony) Joseph Tobin, rental property owner
Meeting Material Josh Marean (LC 18 testimony) Josh Marean, housing provider, Eugene
Meeting Material Joshua Caraco (LC 18 testimony) Joshua Caraco, renter, Eugene
Meeting Material Judy Strand (LC 18 testimony) Judy Strand, CEO, Metropolitan Family Service, Portland
Meeting Material Julia McKenna (LC 18 testimony) Julia McKenna, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Julie and Phil Chick (LC 21 testimony) Julie and Phil Chick, residents, Nehalem
Meeting Material Julie Rossberg (LC 18 testimony) Julie Rossberg, resident, Multnomha County
Meeting Material K. Brown (LC 18 testimony) K. Brown, landlord
Meeting Material Kaïa Austin (LC 18 testimony) Kaïa Austin, Economic Empowerment Program Coordinator , Metropolitan Family Service
Meeting Material Kaia Sand (LC 18 testimony) Kaia Sand, Executive Director, Street Roots
Meeting Material Karen Herzig (LC 18 testimony) Karen Herzig, resident, Aumsville
Meeting Material Karen M. Smith (LC 21 testimony) Karen M. Smith, General Counsel, Oregon Community College Association
Meeting Material Karen Saxe (LC 18 testimony) Karen Saxe Director, Financial Wellbeing, DevNW
Meeting Material Karl Johnson (LC 18 testimony) Karl Johnson, landlord
Meeting Material Karmen Chavez-Sam (LC 18 testimony) Karmen Chavez-Sam, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)
Meeting Material Kate Allen (LC 18 testimony) Kate Allen, resident, Astoria
Meeting Material Kate Woods (LC 10 testimony) Kate Woods, resident, Corvallis
Meeting Material Katherin Kirkpatrick (LC 21 testimony) Katherin Kirkpatrick, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Kathi Clapp (LC 18 testimony) Kathi Clapp, landlord
Meeting Material Kathleen Ashley (LC 18 testimony) Kathleen Ashley, property manager
Meeting Material Kathleen Rodden-Nord (LC 21 testimony) Kathleen Rodden-Nord, Coalition of Oregon School Administrators
Meeting Material Katia Selezneva (LC 18 testimony) Katia Selezneva, Community Organizer, Human Solutions
Meeting Material Katie Jacoy (LC 10 testimony) Katie Jacoy, Western Counsel, Wine Institute
Meeting Material Kay Sellers (LC 18 testimony) Kay Sellers, landlord
Meeting Material Kelly Dyer (LC 18 testimony) Kelly Dyer, High Country Property Management, Bend
Meeting Material Kenneth Smith (LC 18 testimony) Kenneth Smith, small landlord, Prineville
Meeting Material Kenneth Wilson (LC 18 testimony) Kenneth Wilson, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Kevin (LC 18 testimony) Kevin, landlord
Meeting Material Kevin Cronin (LC 18 testimony) Kevin Cronin, President-Elect, AFSCME Local 3267
Meeting Material Kiauna Floyd (LC 10 testimony) Kiauna Floyd, Owner, Amalfi’s Restaurant
Meeting Material Kim Baker (LC 21 testimony) Kim Baker, teacher, parent, Portland Public Schools
Meeting Material Kim Keener (LC 18 testimony) Kim Keener, resident, Glendale
Meeting Material Kim Lemman (LC 18 testimony) Kim Lemman, St. Francis Shelter
Meeting Material Kim McCarty (LC 18 proposal) Kim McCarty, Executive Director, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Kim McCarty (LC 18 report) Kim McCarty, Executive Director, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Kim McCarty (LC 18 testimony) Kim McCarty, Executive Director, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Kim Watson (LC 18 testimony) Kim Watson, Human Solutions
Meeting Material Kimberly Smith (LC 18 testimony) Kimberly Smith, Senior Property Manager, One Jefferson Apartments
Meeting Material Kyle Linden Webster & Naomi Pomeroy (LC 10 testimony) Kyle Linden Webster & Naomi Pomeroy, Owners, Expatriate, Northeast Portland
Meeting Material Kyle Linden Webster and Naomi Pomeroy (LC 10 testimony) Kyle Linden Webster and Naomi Pomeroy, owners, Expatriate, Portland
Meeting Material LaDawn Clark (LC 18 testimony 2) LaDawn Clark, Cascade Cottages LLC
Meeting Material LaDawn Clark (LC 18 testimony) LaDawn Clark, Cascade Cottages LLC
Meeting Material Lance Villers (LC 21 testimony) Lance Villers, Superintendent, Santiam Christian Schools
Meeting Material Lani Roberts (LC 18 testimony) Lani Roberts, resident, Hood River
Meeting Material Larry Stewart (LC 18 testimony) Larry Stewart, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Laura Devine and Evan Supanich (testimony) Laura Devine and Evan Supanich, owners, Vive Fitness
Meeting Material Laurie Pamer (testimony) Laurie Pamer, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Lawrence L. Calkins and Sandra L. Calkins (LC 18 testimony) Lawrence L. Calkins and Sandra L. Calkins, residents, Yachats
Meeting Material LC 10 - witness registration staff
Meeting Material LC 10 (witness registration) staff
Meeting Material LC 10 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material LC 10 Preliminary SMS(2) staff
Meeting Material LC 18 - witness registration staff
Meeting Material LC 18 (witness registration) staff
Meeting Material LC 18 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material LC 18 Preliminary SMS(2) staff
Meeting Material LC 21 - witness registration staff
Meeting Material LC 21 (witness registration) staff
Meeting Material LC 21 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material LC 21 Preliminary SMS (LC 29 Amendment) staff
Meeting Material LC 21 Preliminary SMS(2) staff
Meeting Material LC 28 - witness registration staff
Meeting Material LC 28 (witness registration) staff
Meeting Material LC 29 (witness registration) staff
Meeting Material LC0010_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session Speaker Kotek and Senate President Courtney
Meeting Material LC0010_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session(2) staff
Meeting Material LC0018_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session Speaker Kotek and Senate President Courtney
Meeting Material LC0018_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session(2) staff
Meeting Material LC0021_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session Speaker Kotek and Senate President Courtney
Meeting Material LC0021_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session(2) staff
Meeting Material LC0028_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session Speaker Kotek and Senate President Courtney
Meeting Material LC0028_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session(2) staff
Meeting Material LC0029_DRAFT_2020_3rd_Special_Session staff
Meeting Material Lee Carson and Jeremy Hyatt (LC 28 testimony) Lee Carson and Jeremy Hyatt, Owners, Hyatt Training
Meeting Material Leslie Dobbertin (LC 18 testimony) Leslie Dobbertin, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material Liana West (LC 18 testimony) Liana West, single mother
Meeting Material Linda and Walt Keepers (LC 18 testimony) Linda and Walt Keepers, landlords
Meeting Material Linda Baldwin (LC 18 testimony) Linda Baldwin, small apartment owner
Meeting Material Linda Jones (LC 18 testimony) Linda Jones, resident, Milton Freewater
Meeting Material Linda Meier (LC 18 testimony) Linda Meier, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Linda Westphal (LC 18 testimony) Linda Westphal, property manager, Florence
Meeting Material Lindsay Cloud (LC 18 testimony) Lindsay Cloud, licensed property manager, Bend
Meeting Material Lindsey Stailing (LC 18 testimony) Lindsey Stailing, resident, Central Oregon
Meeting Material Lisa Long (LC 18 article) Lisa Long, property manager, Portland
Meeting Material Lisa Long (LC 18 testimony) Lisa Long, property manager, Portland
Meeting Material Lisa Long (LC 18 testimony)(2) Lisa Long, property manager, Portland
Meeting Material Lisa McCarthy (LC 18 testimony) Lisa McCarthy, landlord
Meeting Material Liz Woodworth (LC 21 testimony) Liz Woodworth, NCISD parent; member, Scouter's Mountain Elementary School PTA
Meeting Material Lo Owens (LC 18 testimony) Lo Owens, resident
Meeting Material Lori Black (testimony) Lori Black, Valley Rental Mgt., Cottage Grove
Meeting Material Lori Christian (LC 18 testimony) Lori Christian, resident, Gresham
Meeting Material Lori Sattenspiel (LC 21 testimony) Lori Sattenspiel, Director of Legislative Services, Oregon School Boards Association
Meeting Material Louis De Sitter (LC 18 testimony) Louis De Sitter, Oregon Education Association
Meeting Material Lucien Gunderman (LC 18 testimony) Lucien Gunderman, Crown Hill Farm
Meeting Material Lydia McLuen (LC 10 testimony) Lydia McLuen, The Hoxton, Portland
Meeting Material Lynn and Jerry Baldwin (LC 18 testimony) Lynn and Jerry Baldwin, landlords, Eugene
Meeting Material M R (LC 18 testimony) M R, renter, Portland
Meeting Material M Schaefer (LC 18 testimony) M Schaefer, small landlord
Meeting Material MacKenzie T. Stout (LC 18 testimony) MacKenzie T. Stout, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Mara Gross (LC 18 testimony) Mara Gross, Interim Executive Director, Coalition of Community Health Clinics
Meeting Material Marc Firestone (LC 18 testimony) Marc Firestone, resident, Astoria
Meeting Material Marcia Callender (testimony) Marcia Callender, resident, Beaverton
Meeting Material Margaret Dailey (LC 18 testimony) Margaret Dailey, attorney, Newport
Meeting Material Margaret Salazar (LC 18 testimony) Margaret Salazar, Executive Director, Oregon Housing & Community Services
Meeting Material Mario Correa (LC 18 testimony) Mario Correa, renter, Multnomah County
Meeting Material Marisa Espinoza (LC 18 testimony) Marisa Espinoza, Public Policy Coordinator, Northwest Pilot Project
Meeting Material Mark (LC 10 testimony) Mark, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Mark and Linda Sebring (LC 18 testimony) Mark and Linda Sebring, landlords
Meeting Material Mark Beaubien (LC 18 testimony) Mark Beaubien, rental housing owner, Lane County
Meeting Material Mark Gamba (LC 10 testimony) Mark Gamba, Mayor, City of Milwaukie
Meeting Material Mark Hanke (LC 21 testimony) Mark Hanke, Superintendent, Capital Christian School, Sonshine Christian Daycare
Meeting Material Mark Patt and Michele Nichols (LC 18 testimony) Mark Patt and Michele Nichols, residents, Bend
Meeting Material Marla Green (LC 18 testimony 2) Marla Green, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Marla Green (LC 18 testimony) Marla Green, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Maro Sevastopoulos (LC 18 testimony) Maro Sevastopoulos, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material Martha Shearer (LC 18 testimony) Martha Shearer, resident, Dexter
Meeting Material Mary Davidson (LC 18 testimony) Mary Davidson, rental owner
Meeting Material Mary Vogel (LC 18 testimony) Mary Vogel, resident, downtown Portland
Meeting Material Matilda Brown (LC 18 testimony) Matilda Brown, Stoll PDX
Meeting Material Matt Gumm (LC 10 testimony) Matt Gumm, bartender, Portland
Meeting Material Matt Robinson (LC 18 testimony) Matt Robinson, landlord, Corvallis
Meeting Material Maxine Parker (LC 18 testimony) Maxine Parker, landlord
Meeting Material Meagan Winters (LC 18 testimony) Meagan Winters, resident
Meeting Material Meg Olson (LC 18 testimony) Meg Olson, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Megan Kidd (LC 18 testimony) Megan Kidd, renter, Portland
Meeting Material Melanie Kebler (LC 10 & LC 18 testimony) Melanie Kebler, resident, Bend; Councilor-Elect, Bend City Council
Meeting Material Melissa Arnett (LC 18 testimony) Melissa Arnett, onsite property manager, Milwaukie
Meeting Material Melissa Moore (LC 18 testimony) Melissa Moore, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material Mellie Casida (LC 18 testimony) Mellie Casida, small landlord
Meeting Material Melody Ray (LC 18 testimony) Melody Ray, resident, Northeast Portland
Meeting Material Mercedes Elizalde (LC 18 testimony) Mercedes Elizalde, Public Policy Director, Central City Concern
Meeting Material Micah Anderson (LC 10 - testimony)
Meeting Material Michael Bednarek (LC 18 testimony) Michael Bednarek, homeowner
Meeting Material Michael Brown (LC 18 testimony) Michael Brown, landlord, Coos Bay
Meeting Material Michael C. Hoover (LC 18 testimony) Michael C. Hoover, CRB, GRI Principal Broker/Owner, Bend
Meeting Material Michael Gilson ( LC 18 testimony) Michael Gilson, Priest; Socius to the Provincial, Jesuits West
Meeting Material Michael Moore (LC 21 testimony) Michael Moore, Board Member, Klamath Falls City Schools
Meeting Material Michalla Garcia (LC 18 testimony) Michalla Garcia, resident, Bend
Meeting Material Michele Roland-Schwartz (LC 18 testimony) Michele Roland-Schwartz, Executive Director, Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force
Meeting Material Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments' Board of Directors (testimony) Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments' Board of Directors
Meeting Material Mike Erwert (LC 18 testimony) Mike Erwert, landlord, Salem
Meeting Material Mike Grisby-Lane (LC 18 testimony) Mike Grisby-Lane, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Mike Moore (LC 18 testimony) Mike Moore, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Mike Stoltz (LC 18 testimony) Mike Stoltz, landlord
Meeting Material Mitzi Bauer (LC 21 testimony) Mitzi Bauer, Vice-Chair, North Clackamas School Board
Meeting Material Morgan Schmidt (LC 18 testimony) Morgan Schmidt, Bend
Meeting Material Nancy Campbell Mead (LC 18 testimony) Nancy Campbell Mead, National NOW Advisory Board Member
Meeting Material Nancy Engebretson LC 18 testimony) Nancy Engebretson, Redmond
Meeting Material Nancy Haque (LC 18 testimony) Nancy Haque, Executive Director, Basic Rights Oregon
Meeting Material Nancy Slavin (LC 18 testimony) Nancy Slavin, resident, Clackamas County
Meeting Material Nancy Yuill (LC 18 testimony) Nancy Yuill, landlord
Meeting Material Nate Ember (LC 18 testimony) Nate Embers, architect, Milwaukie
Meeting Material Nathalie Heizenrader (testimony) Nathalie Heizenrader, resident
Meeting Material Nick Wedmore (LC 18 testimony) Nick Wedmore, landlord
Meeting Material Nicola Van Hoff (LC 18 testimony) Nicola Van Hoff, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Nicole Beau (LC 18 testimony) Nicole Beau, resident
Meeting Material Nigel Moseby (LC 18 testimony) Nigel Moseby, rental housing owner, Eugene
Meeting Material Nina Baurer (LC 21 testimony) Nina Baurer, resident
Meeting Material Olivia Asato (LC 18 testimony) Olivia Asato, Public Policy Associate, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Meeting Material oneeyedjacks (LC 18 testimony) oneeyedjacks, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Oran Wyatt (LC 18 testimony) Oran Wyatt, resident, Canyon City
Meeting Material Oregon Small Business United (LC 10 testimony) Oregon Small Business United
Meeting Material P. Adam Smith (LC 10 testimony) P. Adam Smith, Vice President, Government Relations, Distilled Spirits Council
Meeting Material Paige Spence (LC 18 testimony) Paige Spence, Washington County Government Relations Manager
Meeting Material Pam Clark (LC 18 testimony) Pam Clark, landlord
Meeting Material Patricia J Rumer (LC 18 testimony) Patricia J Rumer, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Patricia Kingery (LC 18 testimony) Patricia Kinger, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Patrick Fleming (LC 10 testimony) Patrick Fleming, Chef/Owner/Restaurateur, Boke Bowl Restaurant
Meeting Material Paul & Katy Harmon (LC 18 testimony) Paul & Katy Harmon, residents, Albany
Meeting Material Paul & Katy Harmon (LC 21 testimony) Paul & Katy Harmon, residents, Albany
Meeting Material Paul E. Brey (LC 18 testimony) Paul E. Brey, Landlord
Meeting Material Paul Hillyer (testimony) Paul Hillyer, Superintendent, Klamath Falls City School
Meeting Material Paul Terdal (LC 21 coalition letter) Paul Terdal, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Paul Terdal (LC 21 testimony 2) various submitters
Meeting Material Paul Terdal (LC 21 testimony) Paul Terdal, father, Portland
Meeting Material Paul Terdal (LC 29 testimony) Paul Terdal, resident, Northwest Portland
Meeting Material Pauline Allen (LC 18 testimony) Pauline Allen, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Pete Lee (LC 10 testimony) Pete Lee, volunteer EMT, disaster responder
Meeting Material Pete Lee (LC 18 testimony) Pete Lee, volunteer EMT, disaster responder
Meeting Material Peter Wilhelm (LC 18 testimony) Peter Wilhelm, landlord, Eugene
Meeting Material Priscilla Martin (LC 18 testimony) Priscilla Martin, realtor, Bend
Meeting Material Rachael (LC 18 testimony) Rachael, landlord
Meeting Material Rachael Banks (LC 18 testimony) Rachael Banks, Public Health Director, Oregon Health Authority
Meeting Material Rachael Duke (LC 18 testimony) Rachael Duke, Executive Director, Community Partners for Affordable Housing
Meeting Material Rachel Broughton (LC 18 testimony) Rachel Broughton, licensed real estate broker
Meeting Material Randy Birzer (LC 18 testimony) Randy Birzer, Birzer Home Inspection LLC
Meeting Material Raven Wing (LC 18 testimony) Raven Wing, resident, Princeton
Meeting Material Rebecca Fiedler (LC 18 testimony) Rebecca Fiedler, landlord, Fall Creek
Meeting Material Rebecca Wolfe (LC 18 testimony) Rebecca Wolfe, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Reginald Richardson (LC 10 testimony) Reginald Richardson, Executive Director, Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission
Meeting Material Rep. Chris Gorsek (LC 18 testimony) Rep. Chris Gorsek, House District 49
Meeting Material Rep. Janeen Sollman (LC 21 testimony) Rep. Janeen Sollman, House District 30
Meeting Material Rev. Andrea Cano (LC 18 testimony) Rev. Andrea Cano, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Rex O. Watkins (LC 18 testimony) Rex O. Watkins, Northwest Investment Management, Inc.
Meeting Material Richard Wisner (LC 18 testimony) Richard Wisner, rental house owner, Albany
Meeting Material Rick Hangartner (LC 28 testimony) Rick Hangartner, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material RJ Stangland (LC 18 testimony) RJ Stangland, Assistant Director, Housing and Safety Net Department, Impact NW
Meeting Material Rob Thomas (LC 18 testimony) Rob Thomas, landlord, Springfield
Meeting Material Robin Lee (LC 28 testimony) Robin Lee, Medford
Meeting Material Roger Goodman (LC 18 testimony) Roger Goodman, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Ron Garcia (LC18 testimony) Ron Garcia, Legislative Chair and President-Elect, Rental Housing Alliance Oregon
Meeting Material Roni Bartlett (testimony) Roni Bartlett, General Manager, Warren Country Inn
Meeting Material Rosa Hernández (LC 21 testimony) Rosa Hernández, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Rose Feliciano (LC 10 testimony) Rose Feliciano, Director, State Government Affairs, Northwest Region, Internet Association
Meeting Material Ruben Garmyn (LC 18 testimony) Ruben Garmyn, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Ryan Bowser (LC 18 testimony) Ryan Bowser, ABM Custodian, SEIU Local 49 Shop Steward; parent, Corvallis
Meeting Material Ryan Thomas (LC 18 testimony) Ryan Thomas, landlord
Meeting Material Sally Joughin (LC 18, LC 10, LC 21, and LC 28 testimony) Sally Joughin, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material Sam Spiro (LC 18 testimony) Sam Spiro, small landlord, Polk County
Meeting Material Samantha Kersul (LC 10 testimony) Samantha Kersul, Executive Director, TechNet
Meeting Material Sandy Murray (LC 18 testimony) Sandy Murray, resident, Prairie City
Meeting Material Sandy Price (LC 18 testimony) Sandy Price, All Points Real Estate
Meeting Material Sara Hoffman (LC 18 testimony) Sara Hoffman, landlord
Meeting Material Sara Simon-Behrnes (LC 18 testimony) Sara Simon-Behrnes, resident, Potland
Meeting Material Sarah Crawford (LC 18 testimony) Sarah Crawford, new landlord, Portland
Meeting Material Sarah Grantham (LC 18 testimony) Sarah Grantham, resident, Keizer
Meeting Material Sarah Lamb (LC 18 testimony) Sarah Lamb, CEO, Round Hill Pacific
Meeting Material Scott Eberly (LC 18 testimony) Scott Eberly, educator
Meeting Material Scott S. Stauffer & Justin D. Gericke (LC 10 resolution) Scott S. Stauffer & Justin D. Gericke, Milwaukie City Council
Meeting Material Scott Santarosa (LC 18 testimony) Scott Santarosa, Society of Jesus, Jesuits West
Meeting Material Scott Stauffer (LC 10 testimony) Scott Stauffer, Milwaukie City Council
Meeting Material Sean Stevens (LC 28 testimony and community organizations letter) Sean Stevens, Executive Director, Oregon Wild
Meeting Material Serena Cruz (LC 18 testimony) Serena Cruz, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
Meeting Material Shannon & Joe Christensen (LC 18 testimony) Shannon & Joe Christensen, Blaze Properties, LLC
Meeting Material Shannon Vilhauer (LC 18 testimony) Shannon Vilhauer, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Oregon
Meeting Material Sharon Carroll (LC 18 testimony 2) Sharon Carroll, landlord
Meeting Material Sharon Carroll (LC 18 testimony) Sharon Carroll, landlord
Meeting Material Shaun Jillions (LC 18 testimony) Shaun Jillions, Oregon Association of Realtors
Meeting Material Sheila Haddad (LC 18 testimony) Sheila Haddad, Three Rivers Housing, LLC
Meeting Material Sheila Stockham (LC 18 testimony) Sheila Stockham, Property Manager, Kerley West
Meeting Material Sherri Parker (LC 18 testimony) Sherri Parker, landlord, Lebanon
Meeting Material Sherry Belden (LC 18 testimony) Sherry Belden, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Shirley Larson (LC 18 testimony) Shirley Larson, landlord
Meeting Material Sloan Stentzel (LC 18 testimony) Sloan Stentzel, landlord, Ontario; resident, Utah
Meeting Material Sophia Diaz (LC 18 testimony) Sophia Diaz, resident, Northeast Portland
Meeting Material Soren Andersen (LC 18 testimony) Soren Andersen, resident, Washington County
Meeting Material Soren Knudsen (LC 18 testimony) Soren Knudsen, landlord
Meeting Material Stacy (testimony) Stacy, restaurant owner, Cottage Grove
Meeting Material Stacy Michaelson (LC 21 testimony) Stacy Michaelson, Government Affairs Administrator, East Multnomah County Schools
Meeting Material Stefan Kwiatkowski (LC 21 testimony) Stefan Kwiatkowski, voter, Eugene
Meeting Material Stephanie Pearl Kimmel (LC 10 testimony) Stephanie Pearl Kimmel, Founding Chef/CEO, Marché Restaurant Group
Meeting Material Stephen Dyer (LC 18 testimony) Stephen Dyer, resident, Eugene
Meeting Material Steve Pociask (LC 10 testimony) Steve Pociask, President / CEO, American Consumer Institute
Meeting Material Sue Powell (LC 18 testimony) Sue Powell, rental property owner, Beaverton
Meeting Material Sue Rieke-Smith (LC 21 testimony) Sue Rieke-Smith, D.Ed., Superintendent, Tigard Tualatin School District 23J
Meeting Material Summer Triato (LC 10 testimony) Summer Triato, restaurant owner
Meeting Material Susan Baker (LC 10 testimony) Susan Baker, Columbia County Natural
Meeting Material Susan Martin (LC 18 testimony) Susan Martin, Susan Martin Property Management LLC
Meeting Material Susannah Morgan (LC 18 testimony) Susannah Morgan, CEO, Oregon Food Bank
Meeting Material Sushmita (LC 18 testimony) Sushmita, entrepreneur, small business owner, and artist, Washington County
Meeting Material Suzanne McClellan (LC 18 testimony) Suzanne McClellan, AshBea Property Management LLC
Meeting Material Sybil Hebb ( LC 18 - summary) Sybil Hebb, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Oregon Law Center
Meeting Material Sybil Hebb (LC 18 - research summary) Sybil Hebb, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Oregon Law Center
Meeting Material Sybil Hebb (LC 18 - tenant stories Sybil Hebb, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Oregon Law Center
Meeting Material Sybil Hebb (LC 18 - testimony) Sybil Hebb, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Oregon Law Center
Meeting Material Sybil Hebb (LC 18 handout) Sybil Hebb, Oregon Law Center
Meeting Material Sybil Hebb (LC 18 testimony) Sybil Hebb, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Oregon Law Center
Meeting Material Sylvia Machado (testimony) Sylvia Machado, South Salem
Meeting Material T. Insko, R. Fuller, L. Schott, N. Naganathan, F. K. Alexander, et al. (LC 21 letter) T. Insko, R. Fuller, L. Schott, N. Naganathan, F. K. Alexander, et al., Oregon Council of Presidents
Meeting Material T. Wheeler, A. Fritz, D. Ryan, J. A. Hardesty, and C. Eudaly (testimony) T. Wheeler, A. Fritz, D. Ryan, J. A. Hardesty, and C. Eudaly, City of Portland
Meeting Material Tara Shepersky (LC 18 testimony) Tara Shepersky, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Taylor Hanna (LC 18 testimony) Taylor Hanna, mother
Meeting Material Taylor Smiley Wolfe (LC 18 testimony) Taylor Smiley Wolfe, Director of Policy and Planning, Home Forward
Meeting Material Taylor Wallau (LC 18 testimony) Taylor Wallau, resident, Northeast Portland
Meeting Material Tera Hilton (LC 21 testimony) Tera Hilton, parent
Meeting Material Teresa Keishi Soto (LC 18 testimony) Teresa Keishi Soto, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Terry O'Neill (LC 18 testimony) Terry O'Neill, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Thomas Fawell (LC 21 testimony) Thomas Fawell, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Thuy Phan (LC 18 testimony) Thuy Phan, tenant protection team coordinator, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Tia Politi (LC 18 testimony) Tia Politi, President, Rental Owners Association, Lane County
Meeting Material Tim (LC 18 testimony) Tim, landlord
Meeting Material Tim Carey (LC 18 testimony) Tim Carey, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material Tim Doman (LC 18 testimony) Tim Doman, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Tim Morris (LC 18 testimony) Tim Morris, Board President, Springfield Eugene Tenant Association
Meeting Material Tim Orr (LC 18 testimony) Tim Orr, Community Alliance of Tenants
Meeting Material Timothy McClain (LC 18 testimony) Timothy McClain, small property owner, Salem
Meeting Material Tina James (LC 18 testimony) Tina James, resident
Meeting Material Tina McNerthney (testimony) Tina McNerthney, landlord, Hood River
Meeting Material Todd Schectman (testimony) Todd Schectman, Owner, PMI Bridgetown
Meeting Material Tom and Siobhan O’Leary (LC 10 testimony) Tom and Siobhan O’Leary, T.C O'Leary's Pub, Portland
Meeting Material Tom Mattox (LC 18 testimony) Tom Mattox, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Tonya Jones (LC 18 testimony) Tonya Jones, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Torre H. (LC 18 testimony) Torre H., resident, Portland
Meeting Material Traci Stevens (LC 18 testimony) Traci Stevens, Onsite Manager, Adkins Family, Clairmont Apartment and Garrett Estate
Meeting Material Tracy Roundy (LC 10 testimony) Tracy Roundy, Owner, Gramma’s Corner Kitchen
Meeting Material Trell Anderson (LC 18 testimony) Trell Anderson, Executive Director, Northwest Housing Alternatives
Meeting Material Tricia Wang (LC 18 testimony) Tricia Wang, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Trista Ramirez (LC 18 testimony) Trista Ramirez, affiliation unknown
Meeting Material Tristan James (testimony) Tristan James, Owner/Manager, New Morning Bakery Inc.
Meeting Material Tyce Nelson ( LC 18 testimony) V, landlord
Meeting Material Tyler Mac Innis (LC 18 testimony) Tyler Mac Innis, Coalition Director, Welcome Home
Meeting Material Val M (LC 18 testimony) Val M, landlord
Meeting Material Victoria Sweet (LC 18 testimony) Victoria Sweet, resident
Meeting Material Violet Wilson (LC 18 testimony) Violet Wilson, licensed property manager & rental property owner, Keizer
Meeting Material Wendy Fong (LC 18 testimony) Wendy Fong, housing provider, Cave Junction
Meeting Material Wendy Roman (LC 28 testimony) Wendy Roman, Outreach & Communications Coordinator, Immigration Counseling Services (ICS)
Meeting Material William Ameche (LC 18 testimony) William Ameche, priest
Meeting Material William Boyd (LC 18 testimony) William Boyd, resident, Portland
Meeting Material William Herzberg (LC 18 testimony) William Herzberg, landlord, Portland
Meeting Material William Howell (LC 18 testimony) William Howell, Bill Howell's Property Management, LLC
Meeting Material William Miller (LC 18 testimony) William Miller, Advocacy Manager, Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)
Meeting Material William Moore (LC 18 testimony) William Moore, property owner, Bend
Meeting Material Xylem Nilsen (LC 18 testimony) Xylem Nilsen, resident, Portland
Meeting Material Yvonne Curtis (testimony) Yvonne Curtis, Superintendent, South Lane School District
Fiscal Impact Statement HB 4401 HB 4401 Fiscal Impact staff
Preliminary SMS HB 4401 HB 4401 Preliminary SMS staff
Preliminary SMS HB 4402 HB 4402 -1 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material HB 4402 HB 4402-1 Fiscal staff
Preliminary SMS SB 1801 SB 1801 -1 Preliminary SMS staff
Preliminary SMS SB 1803 SB 1803 -1, -3, -4 Preliminary SMS Staff
Budget Report SB 5731 SB 5731 Preliminary Budget Report staff
Preliminary SMS SCR 231 SCR 231 Preliminary SMS staff