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Staff Analyses and Reports
Document Type Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Witness Registration HB 2800 (witness registration) staff 3/1/2023 1:42 PM
  Preliminary SMS HB 2800 Preliminary SMS Staff 2/6/2023 1:07 AM
Presentations Displayed in Committee
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Submitted Written Public Testimony
Title Submitter Position Org. or City of Res Posted Date And Time
  Testimony Joyce DeMonnin Support Portland 2/1/2023 5:05 PM
  Testimony Trish Garner, on behalf of American Association of University Women of Oregon Support Portland 2/1/2023 5:15 PM
  Testimony Kathryn Hawkins Support Grants Pass 2/1/2023 5:22 PM
  Testimony Korleen Kraft Support Portland 2/1/2023 5:24 PM
  Testimony Shawna Neumeister Support Astoria 2/1/2023 5:26 PM
  Testimony Marcia Kelley, on behalf of OWRC Unknown Oregon Womens Rights Coalition 2/1/2023 5:55 PM
  Testimony Meredith Dunlap Support Portland 2/2/2023 9:16 AM
  Testimony Sharron Noone Support Portland 2/2/2023 9:18 AM
  Testimony Marie Mueller Support Salem 2/2/2023 9:21 AM
  Testimony Catharine Hojem Support Lake Oswego 2/2/2023 11:59 AM
  Testimony Jo Rossman Support Hillsboro 2/2/2023 12:05 PM
  Testimony Gerald Cohen Support Lake Oswego 2/2/2023 1:29 PM
  Testimony Todd Addams, on behalf of Basic Rights Oregon Support Basic Rights Oregon 2/2/2023 1:32 PM
  Testimony Luann Matthews Support Boring 2/2/2023 2:44 PM
  Testimony Bill Hamilton, on behalf of Self Support Lake Oswego 2/2/2023 3:38 PM
  Testimony Olga Howard Support Portland 2/2/2023 4:05 PM
  Testimony Karlene McDowell Support Albany 2/2/2023 4:10 PM
  Testimony Deb Patterson Support Senate District 10 2/2/2023 5:09 PM
  Testimony Richard Hunter Support Portland 2/2/2023 7:15 PM
  Testimony Anabel Pelham Support Oregon Gerontological Association 2/3/2023 8:54 AM
  Testimony Stacey Triplett Support Portland 2/3/2023 9:17 AM
  Testimony Robert Bruce Support Salem 2/3/2023 10:08 AM
  Testimony Layton Rosencrance Support Portland 2/3/2023 10:31 AM
  Testimony Elena Rae Bohannan Support Eugene 2/3/2023 11:38 AM
  Testimony Katie Bomberger Support Baker 2/3/2023 11:40 AM
  Testimony Regina Ayars Support Ashland 2/3/2023 11:42 AM
  Testimony Jeanne Lemieux Support Lake Oswego 2/3/2023 11:44 AM
  Testimony Michael Schultz Support Portland 2/3/2023 11:46 AM
  Testimony Thomas Litterer Support Portland 2/3/2023 12:03 PM
  Testimony Susan Deeming Support Durham 2/3/2023 12:20 PM
  Testimony Donald Bruland Support Medford 2/3/2023 1:07 PM
  Testimony Lee Bliven II Support Eugene 2/3/2023 1:53 PM
  Testimony Liz Bartell Support Astoria 2/3/2023 3:29 PM
  Testimony Katie Goodwin Support Portland 2/3/2023 3:42 PM
  Testimony Carlos Romo Support Beaverton 2/3/2023 5:17 PM
  Testimony michael fieldman Support roseburg 2/3/2023 9:05 PM
  Testimony C B Support Hood River 2/4/2023 6:31 AM
  Testimony Saleem Noorani Support Corvallis 2/4/2023 9:04 AM
  Testimony Jim Davis, on behalf of Oregon St Cn for Retired Citizens-United Seniors Support Portland 2/4/2023 10:15 AM
  Testimony Elizabeth James Support Jacksonville 2/4/2023 3:37 PM
  Testimony Lesley Johnson Support Salem 2/5/2023 9:05 AM
  Testimony Nicole Palmateer Hazelbaker Support O4AD 2/5/2023 9:24 AM
  Testimony Seth Bradley Support Hood River 2/5/2023 11:36 AM
  Testimony George Okulitch Support Jewish Community Relations Council 2/5/2023 12:15 PM
  Report Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 12:57 PM
  Report Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 12:58 PM
  Report Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 12:59 PM
  Report Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 12:59 PM
  Article Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 1:00 PM
  Report Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 1:01 PM
  Report Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 1:02 PM
  Report Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/5/2023 1:02 PM
  Testimony Cathy Ventrell-Monsees, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support Age Equity LLC 2/5/2023 1:07 PM
  Testimony Madeline Kovacs Support Portland 2/5/2023 1:24 PM
  Testimony Stephanie Hooper Support AGE US 2/5/2023 2:27 PM
  Testimony Miranda Miller, on behalf of Family Forward Oregon Support Family Forward Oregon 2/5/2023 3:13 PM
  Testimony Sara Meyer Support Astoria 2/5/2023 4:06 PM
  Testimony Kate Suisman, on behalf of anonymous worker Support NW Workers Justice Project 2/5/2023 4:14 PM
  Testimony Rodolfo Alvarez Support Salem 2/5/2023 4:15 PM
  Testimony Arthur Towers Support Oregon Trial Lawyers Association 2/5/2023 6:58 PM
  Testimony Alice Miller, on behalf of SEIU 503 Support Portland 2/5/2023 7:46 PM
  Testimony Kate Suisman Support NW Workers Justice Project 2/5/2023 9:23 PM
  Testimony Rebecca Hayes Support Woodburn 2/5/2023 9:34 PM
  Testimony Dolores Mlynarczyk Unknown City Residence 2/5/2023 10:15 PM
  Testimony Fawn Barrie Oppose Oregon Liability Reform Coalition 2/6/2023 5:35 AM
  Testimony Margaret Neal Support Newberg 2/6/2023 6:42 AM
  Testimony Martha Sonato, on behalf of Oregon Law Center Support Oregon Law Center 2/6/2023 7:08 AM
  Testimony Lisa Verner Support Ashland 2/6/2023 8:14 AM
  Testimony Joyce Zook Support Salem 2/6/2023 8:21 AM
  Testimony Catie Theisen, on behalf of OR AFL-CIO Support OR AFL-CIO 2/6/2023 8:28 AM
  Testimony Meghan Moyer, on behalf of Disability Rights Oregon Support Portland 2/6/2023 11:38 AM
  Testimony Jim Houser Support Main Street Alliance 2/6/2023 12:37 PM
  Testimony Derek Sangston, on behalf of Oregon Business and Industry Oppose Tigard 2/6/2023 1:34 PM
  Testimony Matthew Ellis, on behalf of Oregon Trial Lawyers Association Support Matthew C Ellis PC 2/6/2023 3:04 PM
  Testimony Crystalyn Black Support Urban League of Portland 2/6/2023 9:36 PM
  Testimony David Wall, on behalf of Mr Oregon Supp0rts HB 2800 Support Newberg 2/6/2023 10:42 PM
  Testimony Monica Wirtz Support Gresham 2/7/2023 12:36 PM
  Testimony Saba Saleem, on behalf of Oregon Commission on Black Affairs Support Oregon Advocacy Commissions Office 2/7/2023 7:01 PM
  Testimony Andrea Meyer, on behalf of AARP Oregon Support AARP Oregon 2/14/2023 1:20 PM


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