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2021-2022 Interim
No proposed amendments are available for this meeting.
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter
Meeting Material HHOUS 2022 Committee LC Summaries staff
Meeting Material LC0172_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC0184_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC0185_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material Affordable Housing Tax Credit - Alison McIntosh (lettter) Alison McIntosh, Policy and Communications Director, Neighborhood Partnerships
Meeting Material Charge In-Lieu of Security Deposit; Co-signer Alternative - Rep. Meek (handout) Rep. Mark Meek, House District 40
Meeting Material Concurrent Permitting - Samantha Bayer (one pager) Samantha Bayer, Oregon Home Builders Association
Meeting Material Concurrent Permitting; UGB Expansion for Workforce Housing - Samantha Bayer (timeline) Samantha Bayer, Oregon Home Builders Association
Meeting Material Homeless Services Pilot Programs - Rep. Kropf (one pager) Rep. Jason Kropf, House District 54
Meeting Material LC0055_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC0113_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC0119_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session (1) staff
Meeting Material LC0218_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC0219_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC0269_DRAFT_2022_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material Rental Application Fees - Rep. Nathanson (one pager) Rep. Nancy Nathanson, House District 21