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2023 Regular Session
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Staff Analyses and Reports
Document Type Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Witness Registration SB 530 (witness registration) staff 2/15/2023 10:27 AM
  Preliminary SMS SB 530 Preliminary SMS Staff 2/14/2023 5:17 PM
Presentations Displayed in Committee
Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Cathy Macdonald (presentation) Cathy Macdonald, Oregon Global Warming Commission 3/24/2023 12:19 PM
  Sen. Michael Dembrow (presentation) Sen. Michael Dembrow, Senate District 23 3/24/2023 12:21 PM
Submitted Written Public Testimony
Title Submitter Position Org. or City of Res Posted Date And Time
  Testimony Craig Camp Support Grants Pass 2/8/2023 2:54 PM
  Testimony Alan Journet, on behalf of Self Unknown Jacksonville 2/8/2023 3:47 PM
  Testimony Josie Koehne, on behalf of LWV Oregon Support League of Women Voters of Oregon 2/8/2023 4:22 PM
  Testimony Rich Fairbanks, on behalf of Prescription for Safety Support Jacksonville 2/8/2023 4:48 PM
  Testimony Gary Clarida, on behalf of Southern Oregon Climate Now Support Rogue River 2/9/2023 3:33 PM
  Letter Ray Quisenberry Support Salem 2/9/2023 3:46 PM
  Letter Janelle Dunlevy, on behalf of The Board of Directors Support Applegate Partnership and Watershed Council 2/9/2023 5:48 PM
  Testimony Josie Koehne Support Gaston 2/9/2023 9:23 PM
  Testimony John F Christensen Support Corbett 2/10/2023 7:42 AM
  Testimony Mary Buck Support Gresham 2/10/2023 9:02 AM
  Testimony John Talbott Unknown The Talbott Group 2/10/2023 9:12 AM
  Testimony Nadia Gardner Support Arch Cape 2/10/2023 10:19 AM
  Testimony Bobby Hayden, on behalf of The Pew Charitable Trusts Support Portland 2/10/2023 11:28 AM
  Testimony David Bugni Support ESTACADA 2/10/2023 2:08 PM
  Testimony Bill Harris Support Portland 2/10/2023 9:18 PM
  Testimony Deborah Carey , on behalf of Friends of old growth Support Corvallis 2/11/2023 1:21 PM
  Testimony Beau Caceu Support La Creole Orchards 2/11/2023 2:00 PM
  Testimony Mark Puhlman, on behalf of Myself and the environment Support Lake Oswego 2/11/2023 2:07 PM
  Testimony Chong Kee Tan Support Salem 2/11/2023 6:50 PM
  Testimony Sarah Deumling Support Rickreall 2/12/2023 8:04 AM
  Testimony James Buck Support Gresham 2/12/2023 8:41 AM
  Testimony k davis Support Salem 2/12/2023 10:11 AM
  Testimony Jim Scheppke Support Salem 2/12/2023 10:25 AM
  Letter Martin Desmond, on behalf of Citizens for a Better Lincoln County Support Martin J Desmond 2/12/2023 6:46 PM
  Testimony Kevin Cook, on behalf of OAPA Unknown Oregon American Planning Association 2/12/2023 7:01 PM
  Testimony Kevin Cook, on behalf of OAPA Support Oregon American Planning Association 2/13/2023 8:10 AM
  Testimony David LEFKOWITZ Support Ashland 2/13/2023 8:23 AM
  Testimony Phillip Norman Support Lake Oswego 2/13/2023 8:34 AM
  Testimony Camille Bush Support White Salmon 2/13/2023 8:39 AM
  Testimony Peter Ware Support Medford 2/13/2023 8:40 AM
  Testimony Gloria and Bob Ziller Support O Brien 2/13/2023 8:54 AM
  Testimony marna herrington Support Portland 2/13/2023 8:55 AM
  Testimony Elizabeth Eggers Support Ashland 2/13/2023 9:24 AM
  Testimony Cat Gould, on behalf of SB530 Support Ashland 2/13/2023 9:31 AM
  Testimony Davis Wilkins Support ASHLAND 2/13/2023 9:55 AM
  Testimony Stan Dean Support Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District 2/13/2023 10:18 AM
  Testimony Virgene Link-New Support Anacortes 2/13/2023 11:08 AM
  Testimony Chad Derosier Support Central Point 2/13/2023 11:11 AM
  Testimony Robert Albee Support Grants Pass OR 2/13/2023 11:18 AM
  Testimony Michael Hughes Unknown Corvallis 2/13/2023 12:05 PM
  Testimony Michael Hughes Support Corvallis 2/13/2023 12:11 PM
  Testimony Diane Tegtmeier Support Ashland 2/13/2023 12:21 PM
  Testimony Ronald Bunch, on behalf of Self Support Multnomah 2/13/2023 12:48 PM
  Testimony John Duggan Support Jacksonville 2/13/2023 1:18 PM
  Testimony Judi Soloway Support Portland 2/13/2023 4:10 PM
  Testimony Marie Wakefield Support Newport 2/13/2023 5:34 PM
  Testimony Joana Kirchhoff, on behalf of Portland Raging Grannies Support Portland 2/13/2023 6:00 PM
  Testimony Jonathan Harker Support Portland 2/13/2023 7:25 PM
  Testimony Dean Moberg Support Portland 2/13/2023 7:29 PM
  Testimony Anne Eldridge Support Ashland 2/13/2023 7:57 PM
  Testimony Roger Dorband Support Astoria 2/13/2023 8:17 PM
  Testimony Gail Sanford Support Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon 2/13/2023 9:05 PM
  Testimony Walt Mintkeski Support Portland 2/13/2023 9:24 PM
  Testimony Kimberley Johnson Support Sisters 2/13/2023 9:27 PM
  Testimony Will Lamb Support Sisters 2/13/2023 9:29 PM
  Testimony Anne-Marie Eklund Support Bend 2/13/2023 10:32 PM
  Testimony Alana Monaco Support Medford 2/14/2023 6:54 AM
  Testimony Norene Gonsiewski Support Sisters 2/14/2023 7:20 AM
  Testimony John Weigant, on behalf of Elders Climate Action--OR Chapter Support Gresham 2/14/2023 8:49 AM
  Testimony Tony Newbill Neutral Powell Butte Oregon 2/14/2023 9:05 AM
  Testimony Faye Yoshihara Support Corvallis 2/14/2023 9:11 AM
  Testimony Tony Newbill, on behalf of SB 58 Cloud Seeding Bill Neutral powell butte oregon 2/14/2023 9:25 AM
  Testimony Patricia Farrell Support NEWBERG 2/14/2023 10:49 AM
  Testimony Marilyn Feldhaus Support Portland 2/14/2023 10:51 AM
  Testimony Joseph Stenger, on behalf of myself Support Portland 2/14/2023 11:27 AM
  Testimony Hogan Sherrow Unknown Rural Oregon Climate Political Action Committee 2/14/2023 12:08 PM
  Testimony Deb Evans Support Ashland 2/14/2023 12:10 PM
  Testimony Julia Weinand Support Portland 2/14/2023 12:41 PM
  Testimony Phillip Callaway Unknown Sweet Home 2/14/2023 12:53 PM
  Testimony Phillip Callaway Support Sweet Home 2/14/2023 1:00 PM
  Testimony Susan Delventhal Support Hillsboro 2/14/2023 1:18 PM
  Testimony Oriana Magnera, on behalf of Verde Support Lakeview 2/14/2023 1:33 PM
  Testimony Roger Beyer Oppose Oregon Small Woodlands Association 2/14/2023 2:07 PM
  Testimony Philip Carver, on behalf of 350 Salem OR Support 350 Salem OR 2/14/2023 2:08 PM
  Testimony David Eisler Support Walton 2/14/2023 2:21 PM
  Letter Gregory Smith Support West Linn 2/14/2023 2:21 PM
  Testimony Nora Apter, on behalf of 100 endorsing organizations Support Oregon Environmental Council 2/14/2023 2:25 PM
  Testimony Casey Kulla Support Grand Island 2/14/2023 2:32 PM
  Testimony Peter Donovan, on behalf of Soil Carbon Coalition Support La Grande 2/14/2023 2:37 PM
  Testimony Greg Holmes, on behalf of 1000 Friends of Oregon Support Grants Pass 2/14/2023 3:48 PM
  Testimony ray seidler, on behalf of myself Support Ashland 2/14/2023 3:56 PM
  Letter Tyler Ernst Oppose OFIC 2/14/2023 3:57 PM
  Testimony KB Mercer Support Portland 2/14/2023 4:13 PM
  Testimony Shauna McKain-Storey Support Hillsboro 2/14/2023 4:18 PM
  Testimony Megan Kemple, on behalf of Over 50 farms and ranches in support of SB 530 Support Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network 2/14/2023 4:22 PM
  Testimony Karsyn Kendrick Support Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts 2/14/2023 4:38 PM
  Testimony Ukiah Halloran-Steiner Support Sunrise Rural Oregon 2/14/2023 4:41 PM
  Testimony Meg Bowman, on behalf of SB 530 Support Portland 2/14/2023 4:50 PM
  Testimony Charlotte Maloney Support 4391 Shadow Wood Dr Eugene 97405 2/14/2023 5:58 PM
  Testimony D Clark Support Shedd 2/14/2023 6:15 PM
  Testimony Nicole West Support Portland 2/14/2023 6:51 PM
  Testimony Leslie Pohl-Kosbau Unknown Portland 2/14/2023 7:19 PM
  Testimony Rory Isbell, on behalf of Central Oregon LandWatch Support Central Oregon LandWatch 2/14/2023 7:23 PM
  Testimony Jane Stackhouse Support Portlane 2/14/2023 8:19 PM
  Testimony Kyle Linhares Support Audubon Society of Portland 2/14/2023 8:23 PM
  Testimony Elaine Nelson Support Aloha 2/14/2023 8:32 PM
  Testimony Sophie Braccini-Lucacher Support Portland 2/14/2023 9:43 PM
  Testimony Sophie Braccini-Lucacher, on behalf of Climate Reality Project - Portland Chapter Unknown Climate Reality Project - Portland Chapter 2/14/2023 9:46 PM
  Letter Dylan Kruse, on behalf of Joint letter in support of SB 530 Support Milwaukie 2/14/2023 10:30 PM
  Testimony Pam Birmingham Support Seaside 2/15/2023 12:40 AM
  Testimony Jolene White Support Grants Pass 2/15/2023 1:12 AM
  Testimony Jonathan Manton Support Oregon Organic Coalition 2/15/2023 5:09 AM
  Testimony Jonathan Manton Support Oregon Organic Coalition 2/15/2023 5:10 AM
  Testimony Jonathan Manton Support Oregon Organic Coalition 2/15/2023 5:11 AM
  Testimony Mimi Casteel, on behalf of Hope Well Wine Support Sheridan 2/15/2023 6:15 AM
  Testimony David Ford, on behalf of American Forest Foundation Support Dundee 2/15/2023 6:22 AM
  Testimony Teryn Yazdani, on behalf of Beyond Toxics Support Portland 2/15/2023 7:28 AM
  Testimony Teryn Yazdani, on behalf of Beyond Toxics Support Portland 2/15/2023 7:32 AM
  Testimony Laurie Dougherty Support Salem 2/15/2023 8:17 AM
  Article Al Johnson, on behalf of Self Support Eugene 2/15/2023 8:44 AM
  Testimony Lydia Doleman, on behalf of Self and Speak For The Trees Support Talent 2/15/2023 8:49 AM
  Article Al Johnson Support Eugene 2/15/2023 8:51 AM
  Testimony Jeff Stone Unknown Oregon Association of Nurseries 2/15/2023 8:57 AM
  Testimony Kevin Kenaga Support Corvallis 2/15/2023 9:11 AM
  Testimony Nora Apter Support Oregon Environmental Council 2/15/2023 9:28 AM
  Testimony Joseph Vaile Support Ashland 2/15/2023 9:32 AM
  Testimony Karol D, on behalf of Corbett Oregon Democrats Unknown Corbett 2/15/2023 10:21 AM
  Testimony Jonathan Clark Support Hillsboro 2/15/2023 10:29 AM
  Testimony Curtis Martin, on behalf of Oregon High Desert Family Ranchers Unknown North Powder 2/15/2023 10:50 AM
  Letter Mary Blankevoort Support Troutdale Oregon 2/15/2023 10:57 AM
  Testimony Amanda Sullivan-Astor Oppose Associated Oregon Loggers 2/15/2023 11:33 AM
  Testimony Stephanie Weber Support Corvallis 2/15/2023 11:51 AM
  Testimony Twila Jacobsen Support Mountain Grove Center 2/15/2023 11:55 AM
  Testimony Marina Richie Support Bend 2/15/2023 12:03 PM
  Testimony Paulette Wittwer Support Parkdale 2/15/2023 12:13 PM
  Testimony Kathleen Boylan Support Portland 2/15/2023 1:15 PM
  Testimony Terri Preeg Riggsby Support West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation Distric 2/15/2023 1:31 PM
  Testimony Tom Rietmann, on behalf of Rietmann Ranch Support Condon 2/15/2023 3:19 PM
  Testimony Amalia Gladhart Support Eugene 2/15/2023 4:57 PM
  Testimony Jeff Hammarlund, on behalf of Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network Support Climate Energy and Environment Team 2/15/2023 5:06 PM
  Testimony Paul Schertz Support Hillsboro 2/15/2023 5:16 PM
  Testimony April Ann Fong Support Portland 2/15/2023 5:57 PM
  Testimony James Shurtleff Support Portland 2/15/2023 5:58 PM
  Testimony Diane Chavez Support Salem 2/15/2023 6:01 PM
  Testimony Elizabeth Dix, on behalf of The Oregon Sierra Club Support Beaverton 2/15/2023 6:30 PM
  Testimony Emily Herbert Support Portland 2/15/2023 7:09 PM
  Testimony Jan Lee, on behalf of Oregon Association of Conservation Districts Support OACD 2/15/2023 7:09 PM
  Testimony David Wall, on behalf of Mr Oregon Opposes SB 530 Oppose Newberg 2/15/2023 7:22 PM
  Testimony Mark Keller Support Lebanon 2/15/2023 8:41 PM
  Testimony rand schenck Support Metro Climate Action Team 2/15/2023 8:56 PM
  Testimony Gary Smith Support Portland 2/15/2023 9:33 PM
  Testimony Jeanne Carver Support Shaniko Wool Company 2/15/2023 9:43 PM
  Testimony Helena Birecki Support Neskowin 2/15/2023 10:55 PM
  Testimony Harriet Cooke Support Portland 2/15/2023 11:01 PM
  Testimony Cherice Bock Support Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon 2/16/2023 7:53 AM
  Testimony Angela Gusa Support Portland 2/16/2023 9:37 AM
  Testimony Barb Morris Support BEND 2/16/2023 10:07 AM
  Testimony Dale Feik Support Washington County Citizen Action Network 2/16/2023 10:23 AM
  Testimony Hillary Kittleson Support Eugene 2/16/2023 10:43 AM
  Letter Emily Cain Support Greater Hells Canyon Council 2/16/2023 11:38 AM
  Testimony Laura Tabor Support The Nature Conservancy 2/16/2023 12:14 PM
  Testimony Kim Wagner Support Portland 2/16/2023 12:19 PM
  Testimony Howard Potter Oppose Mt Angel 2/16/2023 12:54 PM
  Testimony Robin Coen Support Baker City 2/16/2023 1:31 PM
  Testimony Nancy Holmes Support Seaside Oregon 2/16/2023 1:44 PM
  Testimony Larry Pennington Support Terrebonne 2/16/2023 3:36 PM
  Testimony Ronald Rhew Support Troutdale 2/16/2023 4:04 PM
  Testimony Catherine Thomasson Support Environmental Caucus of the DPO 2/16/2023 4:25 PM
  Testimony Nancy Mauter Support Lebanon 2/16/2023 4:35 PM
  Testimony Gail Sabbadini Support Bend 2/16/2023 4:41 PM
  Testimony Cameron La Follette Support Oregon Coast Alliance 2/16/2023 5:15 PM
  Testimony Lori Hood Support Corbett 2/16/2023 5:22 PM
  Testimony Mike Higgins Support Halfway 2/16/2023 5:54 PM
  Testimony Lauren Anderson , on behalf of Oregon Wild Support Oregon Wild 2/16/2023 6:21 PM
  Testimony Jennifer Sprague Support Salem 2/16/2023 6:59 PM
  Letter Alisa Ocean, on behalf of Cave Junction Farmers Market Support Cave Junction Farmers Market 2/16/2023 8:50 PM
  Testimony Marissa Theve Support Salem 2/16/2023 8:57 PM
  Testimony Tom Titus Support Eugene 2/16/2023 8:58 PM
  Testimony Patricia Dudley, on behalf of Bethel Heights Vineyard Support Polk County 2/16/2023 9:17 PM
  Testimony Julia DeGraw, on behalf of Oregon Conservation Network Support Oregon League of Conservation Voters 2/16/2023 9:48 PM
  Testimony Hans West Support Salem 2/16/2023 10:02 PM
  Testimony Naomi Hemstreet Support Sunrise PDX 2/16/2023 10:06 PM
  Testimony Courtney Neron Support Oregon State Legislature 2/16/2023 10:08 PM
  Testimony Victoria Frankeny Support Tualatin Riverkeepers 2/16/2023 10:44 PM
  Testimony Dani Madrone Support American Farmland Trust 2/17/2023 6:41 AM
  Testimony Felicita Monteblanco, on behalf of THPRD Board of Directors Support Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District 2/17/2023 7:44 AM
  Testimony Rosa Colquitt Support Tigard 2/17/2023 7:55 AM
  Testimony Candace Bonner Support Corbett 2/17/2023 10:28 AM


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