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2015 Regular Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time
SB 297 -1 Proposed 2/19/2015 8:46 AM
SB 297 -2 Proposed 2/19/2015 2:09 PM
SB 297 -3 Adopted 2/24/2015 2:56 PM
SB 306 -1 Adopted 2/24/2015 3:05 PM
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter
Meeting Material LC3715_DRAFT_2015_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC2929_DRAFT_2015_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC2700_DRAFT_2015_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC1310_DRAFT_2015_Regular_Session staff
Meeting Material LC3345_DRAFT_2015_Regular_Session staff
Preliminary SMS SB 32 sb32prelimSMS 2-25-2015 staff
Meeting Material SB 269 Mitch Swecker presentation Oregon Department of Aviation
Witness Registration SB 269 Witness Registration staff
Presentation SB 269 Mary Rosenblum testimony Oregon Pilots Association
Presentation SB 269 Joy Howard testimony Oregon Department of Aviation
Presentation SB 269 David Ulane testimony Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Fiscal Impact Statement SB 269 FIS_Impact staff
Revenue Impact Statement SB 269 REV_Impact staff
Preliminary SMS SB 269 sb269prelimSMS 2-25-2015 staff
Presentation SB 286 Lori Koho testimony Oregon Public Utility Commission
Witness Registration SB 286 Witness Registration staff
Preliminary SMS SB 286 sb286perlimSMS 2-25-2015 staff
Presentation SB 297 David Bassett testimony Professional Engineers of Oregon
Preliminary SMS SB 297 sb297(-1)(-2)(-3)prelimSMS 2-25-2015 staff
Witness Registration SB 306 Witness Registration staff
Fiscal Impact Statement SB 306 FISCAL_Impact SB 306-1 staff
Preliminary SMS SB 306 sb306-1prelimSMS 2-25-2015 staff
Presentation SB 329 Michael Dougherty testimony Oregon Public Utility Commission
Witness Registration SB 329 Witness Registration staff
Fiscal Impact Statement SB 329 FIS_Impact staff
Preliminary SMS SB 329 sb329prelimSMS 2-25-2015 staff
Presentation SB 534 Sen. Betsy Johnson photo Senate District 16
Preliminary SMS SB 534 sb534prelimSMS 2-25-2015 staff