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2023 Regular Session
Committee Action
Public Hearing - Heard

Amendment Status Posted Date And Time
  -1 Proposed 2/23/2023 2:01 PM

Staff Analyses and Reports
Document Type Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Witness Registration SB 303 (witness registration) staff 3/14/2023 4:13 PM
  Preliminary SMS SB 303 Preliminary SMS Staff 2/24/2023 3:49 PM
Presentations Displayed in Committee
No public testimony to display in committee
Submitted Written Public Testimony
Title Submitter Position Org. or City of Res Posted Date And Time
  Testimony Andre Ourso Neutral Oregon Health Authority 2/23/2023 6:01 PM
  Testimony Heidi Venture, on behalf of Vital Reset LLC Oppose Hood River 2/24/2023 10:26 AM
  Testimony Brian Pilecki Oppose Portland 2/24/2023 3:33 PM
  Testimony Steve Elfrink Support Grants Pass 2/26/2023 8:56 PM
  Testimony Peter Addy Oppose Portland 2/26/2023 10:54 PM
  Testimony Melanie Velez Oppose Eugene 2/27/2023 7:50 AM
  Testimony Sandra Brooke, on behalf of Self as a Psychologist Unknown Ashland 2/27/2023 8:34 AM
  Testimony Jade Stay Oppose Eugene 2/27/2023 9:22 AM
  Testimony Nicholas Gideonse Support Portland OR 2/27/2023 9:26 AM
  Testimony Bruce Goldberg Support Portland 2/27/2023 9:31 AM
  Letter Barb Hansen, on behalf of Oregon Hospice and Palliative Care Association Support CORVALLIS 2/27/2023 9:47 AM
  Testimony Sam Chapman Support Healing Advocacy Fund 2/27/2023 9:57 AM
  Testimony Robert Barram Oppose Bend 2/27/2023 10:03 AM
  Testimony Scott Yelton Oppose Beavercreek 2/27/2023 10:10 AM
  Testimony Amy Dineen Oppose Oregon Psilocybin Services Collaborative Community 2/27/2023 10:19 AM
  Testimony Hadas Alterman Unknown American Psychedelic Practitioners Association 2/27/2023 10:33 AM
  Testimony Kayci Marie Mitchell, on behalf of Oregon Psilocybin Collaborative Community Oppose OPSCC 2/27/2023 10:40 AM
  Testimony Nina Wyngethrin Oppose Eugene 2/27/2023 11:31 AM
  Testimony Ayla Buckner Oppose Hillsboro 2/27/2023 11:40 AM
  Testimony April Ekstrom Oppose Springfield 2/27/2023 11:40 AM
  Testimony Mike Kirkwood Neutral Medford 2/27/2023 12:03 PM
  Testimony Andrea Shuman Oppose Roseburg 2/27/2023 12:06 PM
  Testimony Steven Wilkerson Oppose Cottage Grove 2/27/2023 12:23 PM
  Testimony Nathan Howard Support InnerTrek 2/27/2023 12:37 PM
  Testimony Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe Unknown Portland 2/27/2023 12:43 PM
  Testimony Rebecca Friend Oppose Portland 2/27/2023 1:05 PM
  Testimony elaine marshall Oppose REDMOND 2/27/2023 2:19 PM
  Testimony Maddison Stephens Oppose Bend 97702 2/27/2023 3:53 PM
  Testimony Andrew Yorra Oppose Portland 2/27/2023 7:41 PM
  Testimony Mariah Moncada Oppose Portland 2/27/2023 11:48 PM
  Testimony Mary Nielsen Oppose TIGARD 2/28/2023 10:46 AM
  Testimony David Wall, on behalf of Mr Oregon Opposes SB 303 Oppose Newberg 2/28/2023 11:08 AM
  Letter Sam Chapman Support Healing Advocacy Fund 2/28/2023 11:31 AM
  Testimony Mike Jackson Oppose Eugene 2/28/2023 1:09 PM
  Testimony Natalie Watkowski Oppose Bend Oregon 97701 2/28/2023 1:21 PM
  Testimony Jesse Koenig Oppose Portland 2/28/2023 5:53 PM
  Testimony Sera Miller Oppose Springfield 2/28/2023 8:31 PM
  Testimony Lindsey Widmer Oppose Salem 3/1/2023 6:22 AM
  Testimony Mason Marks Oppose Mason Marks 3/1/2023 7:58 AM
  Testimony Beverly Quesenberry Oppose Portland 3/1/2023 9:57 AM
  Testimony Andrew Yorra Oppose Portland 3/1/2023 10:09 AM
  Testimony Sarit Hashkes Oppose Red Light Holland 3/1/2023 10:34 AM
  Testimony Jon Dennis Oppose Ontario OR 3/1/2023 12:53 PM
  Testimony Jon Dennis Oppose Ontario OR 3/1/2023 12:57 PM
  Testimony Jon Dennis Oppose Ontario OR 3/1/2023 1:00 PM


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