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2023 Regular Session
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Staff Analyses and Reports
Document Type Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Witness Registration SB 426 (witness registration) staff 4/17/2023 3:41 PM
  Preliminary SMS SB 426 Preliminary SMS Staff 2/17/2023 12:05 PM
Presentations Displayed in Committee
Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  SB 426 - Lisa Arkin and Jennifer Eisele (presenation) Lisa Arkin, Executive Director, Beyond Toxics 2/21/2023 8:55 AM
Submitted Written Public Testimony
Title Submitter Position Org. or City of Res Posted Date And Time
  Testimony Tom Busse Neutral Portland 2/10/2023 8:48 PM
  Testimony Richard Barnhart Support Eugene 2/16/2023 11:41 AM
  Testimony Arjorie Arberry Baribeault Support Portland 2/16/2023 12:33 PM
  Testimony Shaili Rajput MD MPH, on behalf of Oregon Pediatric Society Support Portland 2/16/2023 3:02 PM
  Testimony Jesse Lawrence-Weilmann Support OSPIRG 2/17/2023 4:22 PM
  Testimony Jacek Haciak PsyD Support Salem 2/17/2023 9:24 PM
  Testimony Denise Gour Support Portland 2/18/2023 8:10 AM
  Testimony barbara rumer Support bend 2/18/2023 10:07 AM
  Testimony Doris Cellarius, on behalf of self Support Portland 2/18/2023 1:39 PM
  Testimony k davis Support Salem 2/18/2023 2:58 PM
  Testimony Kimberley Johnson Support Sisters 2/18/2023 7:02 PM
  Testimony William Lamb Support Sisters 2/18/2023 7:03 PM
  Testimony Betty Reynolds Support West Linn 2/19/2023 7:42 PM
  Testimony Lisa Fragala Support Eugene 2/19/2023 8:11 PM
  Testimony Kelly Ferguson Support Bethel School District 2/20/2023 9:00 AM
  Testimony Lara Arkin Support Cottage Grove 2/20/2023 9:22 AM
  Testimony Paula Grisafi, on behalf of LWV Oregon Support League of Women Voters of Oregon 2/20/2023 10:33 AM
  Testimony Don Francis Support Bend 2/20/2023 12:40 PM
  Testimony Nick Keough Support Oregon Student Association 2/20/2023 3:49 PM
  Testimony Ann Colonna Support Portland 2/20/2023 4:01 PM
  Testimony Cheryl Conway Support Astoria 2/20/2023 5:33 PM
  Testimony Jerome Colonna Support Bend 2/20/2023 6:17 PM
  Testimony David Simone Support Eugene 2/20/2023 7:30 PM
  Testimony Karen Perkins Unknown Eugene 2/20/2023 8:26 PM
  Testimony Carrie Ann Naumoff Support EUGENE 2/20/2023 8:33 PM
  Testimony Charlotte Maloney Support Eugene 2/20/2023 8:48 PM
  Testimony Andy Harris, on behalf of Oregon Coalition of Christian Voices Support Portland 2/20/2023 8:52 PM
  Testimony Charlotte Maloney Support Eugene 2/20/2023 8:56 PM
  Testimony Kathleen Sullivan Support Astoria 2/20/2023 9:14 PM
  Letter Jennifer Eisele, on behalf of Support Coalition Organization Support Eugene 2/20/2023 9:27 PM
  Testimony Mary Moffat Support Walton 2/20/2023 11:02 PM
  Testimony Stephanie Tabibian Support Springfield 2/21/2023 7:10 AM
  Testimony Jeanne Roy, on behalf of Eco-School Network Unknown Eco-School Network 2/21/2023 8:06 AM
  Testimony Mary Lou Emerson Support Portland 2/21/2023 8:30 AM
  Testimony Sheena Wright Support Eugene 2/21/2023 8:36 AM
  Testimony Jose Varo-Oaza Support Springfield 2/21/2023 8:52 AM
  Testimony Sandra Solomon Support Eugene 2/21/2023 9:01 AM
  Testimony Rowena Jackson Support Klamath Falls 2/21/2023 9:45 AM
  Testimony Benton Elliott Support Eugene 2/21/2023 9:55 AM
  Testimony Andrew Wright Support Springfield 2/21/2023 10:09 AM
  Testimony Kathryn Jacobson, on behalf of Students with cancer Support Eugene 2/21/2023 10:10 AM
  Testimony Alyssa Rueda Support Eugene 2/21/2023 11:07 AM
  Testimony Patricia Hine Support Eugene 2/21/2023 11:21 AM
  Testimony Robin Bloomgarden Support Eugene 2/21/2023 11:51 AM
  Testimony Jamie Pang, on behalf of Oregon Environmental Council Support Portland 2/21/2023 11:58 AM
  Testimony Merrie Kelly Support Eugene 2/21/2023 12:06 PM
  Testimony Laura Allen Support Eugene 2/21/2023 12:28 PM
  Testimony Lauren Herbert MD, on behalf of Oregon Pediatric Society Support Portland 2/21/2023 12:45 PM
  Testimony Carroll Johnston Support Salem 2/21/2023 12:57 PM
  Testimony Laurie Dougherty Support Salem 2/21/2023 1:32 PM
  Testimony Ivy Major-McDowall, on behalf of The Childrens Agenda Support Our Children Oregon 2/21/2023 2:06 PM
  Testimony Marsh Santoro Support Fairview 2/21/2023 2:07 PM
  Testimony Meadowsweet Levi, on behalf of Children Oppose Talent 2/21/2023 2:33 PM
  Testimony Meadowsweet Levi, on behalf of Children Support Talent 2/21/2023 2:38 PM
  Testimony Kristina Lefever Support ASHLAND 2/21/2023 3:12 PM
  Testimony Christina Stucker-Gassi Support Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides 2/21/2023 4:23 PM
  Testimony Millie Illin Support Eugene 2/21/2023 5:35 PM
  Testimony Kathleen Boylan Support COIN Climate Energy Environment team 2/21/2023 6:40 PM
  Testimony Shauna McKain-Storey Support Hillsboro 2/21/2023 10:01 PM
  Testimony Nancy Bray, on behalf of Friendly Area Neighbors Association Support Eugene 2/22/2023 10:41 AM
  Testimony Sammi Teo Support Oregon Food Bank 2/22/2023 10:51 AM
  Testimony Joanna Rodgers Support Eugene 2/22/2023 11:22 AM
  Testimony Courtney Neron Support Oregon State Legislature 2/22/2023 11:44 AM
  Testimony Pete Gonzalves Support Eagle Point 2/22/2023 1:15 PM
  Testimony Colleen Hunter Support Springfield 2/22/2023 2:11 PM
  Testimony Debra Schlenoff, on behalf of Lane County Audubon Society Support Lane County Audubon Society 2/22/2023 2:26 PM
  Testimony David Wall, on behalf of Mr oregon Supports SB 426 Support Newberg 2/22/2023 3:26 PM
  Testimony Joel Iboa, on behalf of Oregon Just Transition Alliance Support Eugene 2/22/2023 5:12 PM
  Testimony Stephen Lawn Support Cottage Grove 2/22/2023 6:14 PM
  Testimony Kathleen Boylan Support Portland Raging Grannies 2/22/2023 6:58 PM
  Testimony Nancy Holmes Unknown Seaside Oregon 2/22/2023 7:34 PM
  Testimony Lisa Arkin, on behalf of Beyond Toxics Support Beyond Toxics 2/22/2023 9:49 PM
  Testimony Katie Murray, on behalf of Oregonians for Food and Shelter Oppose Oregonians for Food and Shelter 2/23/2023 9:45 AM
  Testimony Stephanie Phillips Bridges Support Urban League of Portland 2/23/2023 9:57 AM
  Testimony Hanna Nguyen Support Eugene 2/23/2023 10:08 AM
  Testimony Ira Cuello-Martinez, on behalf of PCUN Support PCUN 2/23/2023 10:58 AM
  Testimony Doug Simpson Support Eugene 2/23/2023 11:27 AM
  Letter James Moore, on behalf of James and Moore Support Springfield 2/23/2023 11:34 AM
  Testimony Alyssa Buswell Unknown Kids Unlimited Academy 2/23/2023 12:02 PM
  Testimony Alyssa Buswell Support Kids Unlimited Academy 2/23/2023 12:06 PM
  Testimony Sarah Stapleton Support Eugene 2/23/2023 12:34 PM
  Testimony Amy van Saun Support Center for Food Safety 2/23/2023 12:44 PM
  Testimony Rose Langaard Support Florence 2/23/2023 1:18 PM
  Testimony Xochitl Hernandez-Hill Support Pleasant Hill 2/23/2023 1:56 PM
  Testimony Katie Murray, on behalf of Natural Resource Organizations Oppose Oregonians for Food and Shelter 2/23/2023 2:10 PM


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