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2023 Regular Session
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Staff Analyses and Reports
Document Type Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Witness Registration SB 545 A (witness registration) staff 4/5/2023 4:52 PM
  Preliminary SMS SB 545 A Preliminary SMS Staff 3/30/2023 8:37 PM
Presentations Displayed in Committee
No public testimony to display in committee
Submitted Written Public Testimony
Title Submitter Position Org. or City of Res Posted Date And Time
  Testimony John Ostrom Support Eugene 3/31/2023 2:34 PM
  Testimony Kathy Lincoln Support Keizer 4/1/2023 10:05 AM
  Testimony Amanda Duncan, on behalf of Climate Reality Project - Portland Chapter Support Beaverton 4/2/2023 6:10 PM
  Testimony Tara Knierim Support Waste-Free Advocates 4/3/2023 2:20 PM
  Testimony Chris Parta, on behalf of Joel Schoening Support Association of Oregon Recyclers - AOR 4/3/2023 2:42 PM
  Testimony Charlie Plybon, on behalf of Surfrider Foundation Support South Beach 4/4/2023 9:08 AM
  Testimony Steven Moore Support Bend 4/4/2023 9:21 AM
  Testimony Beth Rankin, on behalf of Zero Waste McMinnville Support McMinnville 4/4/2023 10:15 AM
  Testimony Haley Queen, on behalf of Sustainable Rituals Support McMinnville 4/4/2023 12:07 PM
  Testimony jeri white, on behalf of zerowastemcminnville Oppose mcminnville 4/4/2023 2:47 PM
  Testimony Steve Iversen, on behalf of Zero Waste McMinnville Support McMinnville 4/4/2023 5:23 PM
  Testimony Helena Birecki Support Neskowin 4/5/2023 12:06 PM
  Testimony Maxine Dexter, on behalf of State Representative HD-33 Support State Representative HD-33 4/5/2023 1:25 PM
  Testimony Celeste Meiffren-Swango, on behalf of Plastic Reduction Coalition Support Environment Oregon 4/5/2023 1:49 PM
  Testimony Ramsey McPhillips, on behalf of Zero Waste McMinnnville Support Zero Waste McMinnville 4/6/2023 12:20 PM
  Testimony Anne-Marie Eklund, on behalf of Cascades Academy Eco-Club Support Deschutes County 4/6/2023 7:59 PM
  Testimony Nancy Engelhard, on behalf of SB 545 Support BEND 4/6/2023 8:53 PM
  Testimony Shari Harris-Dunning Support Bend 4/6/2023 9:22 PM
  Testimony Ansley Dunning Support Bend 4/6/2023 9:25 PM
  Testimony shay h Support bend 4/7/2023 6:44 AM
  Testimony Todd Severson Support Mac Market McMinnville OR 4/7/2023 2:48 PM
  Testimony Susan Allen Support Sheridan 4/7/2023 2:53 PM
  Testimony Vallie Gilham Support Tigard 4/7/2023 2:54 PM
  Testimony Brynn Moorhead Support Cascades Academy Eco Club 4/7/2023 2:59 PM
  Testimony Zoe Tyvand Support Cascades academy eco club 4/7/2023 3:00 PM
  Testimony Mick Darden Support cascades academy eco club 4/7/2023 3:00 PM


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