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2019 Regular Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time
HB 2400 -1 Adopted 4/19/2019 11:00 AM
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter
Preliminary SMS HB 2089 HB 2089 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material HB 2089 Aeron Teverbaugh (presentation) Aeron Teverbaugh, Policy Analyst, Div. of Financial Regulation, OR Dept. of Cons. & Bus. Services
Presentation HB 2089 Kate Denison (testimony) Kate Denison, Legislative Policy Analyst, Oregon Department of Justice
Presentation HB 2089 William Miller (testimony) William Miller, Government Affairs, Stop the Debt Trap Alliance
Witness Registration HB 2089 HB 2089 (witness registration) staff
Presentation HB 2089 Carlos David Garcia (testimony) Carlos David Garcia, Director of Economic Opportunity, Neighborhood Partnerships
Presentation HB 2089 Charlie Fisher (testimony) Charlie Fisher, State Director, Oregon State Public Interest Research Group
Presentation HB 2089 Ernesto Fonseca (testimony) Ernesto Fonseca, CEO, Hacienda Community Development Corporation
Presentation HB 2089 Ezekiel Gorrocino (testimony) Ezekiel Gorrocino, Government Relations & Policy Associate, Center for Responsible Lending
Presentation HB 2089 Jeff Kleen (testimony) Jeff Kleen, Public Policy Advocate, Oregon Food Bank
Presentation HB 2089 Jenny Lee (testimony) Jenny Lee, Advocacy Director, Coalition of Communities of Color
Presentation HB 2089 Karen Saxe (testimony) Karen Saxe, Director of Asset Building Programs, NEDCO; Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services
Presentation HB 2089 Oriana Magnera (testimony) Oriana Magnera, Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator, Verde
Presentation HB 2089 Peter Hainley (testimony) Peter Hainley, Executive Director, Community and Shelter Assistance of Oregon
Presentation HB 2089 Rachel Stein (testimony) Rachel Stein, Innovative Products Manager, Innovative Changes, Community and Shelter Assistance OR
Preliminary SMS HB 2400 HB 2400 -1 Preliminary SMS staff
Witness Registration HB 2568 HB 2568 (witness registration) staff
Meeting Material HB 2568 Melissa Davis (OR Department of Administrative Services report: "Oregon Court Appointed Special...") Melissa Davis, Project Manager, Public Knowledge Advising Government Agencies
Preliminary SMS HB 2568 HB 2568 A Preliminary SMS staff