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2019 Regular Session
No proposed amendments are available for this meeting.
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter Exhibit
Meeting Material 2019 HRULES Committee Rules (adopted) staff 1
Preliminary SMS HB 2093 HB 2093 Preliminary SMS staff
Witness Registration HB 2093 HB 2093 (witness registration) staff 5
Presentation HB 2093 Chris Hagerbaumer (testimony) Chris Hagerbaumer, Deputy Director, Oregon Environmental Council 6
Presentation HB 2093 Jeanette Shaw (testimony) Jeanette Shaw, Director, Government Relations, Forth 7
Preliminary SMS HB 2094 HB 2094 Preliminary SMS staff
Witness Registration HB 2094 HB 2094 (witness registration) staff 8
Preliminary SMS HCR 8 HCR 8 Preliminary SMS staff
Presentation HCR 8 Norman Turrill and Rebecca Gladstone (testimony) Norman Turrill and Rebecca Gladstone, League of Women Voters of Oregon 2
Meeting Material HCR 8 Kate Titus (handout) Kate Titus, Executive Director, Common Cause Oregon 3
Witness Registration HCR 8 HCR 8 (witness registration) staff 4