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2017 Regular Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time Exhibit
HB 2839 -A2 Proposed 5/18/2017 11:07 AM 30
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter Exhibit
Preliminary SMS HB 2103 HB 2103 Preliminary SMS staff
Presentation HB 2103 Jenn Baker testimony Oregon Nurses Association and Nurse Practitioners of Oregon 5
Meeting Material HB 2103 Jenn Baker - Nurse Practitioner vasectomy handout Oregon Nurses Association 6
Meeting Material HB 2103 Jenn Baker - IOM Future of Nursing Report Oregon Nurses Association 7
Meeting Material HB 2103 Jenn Baker - Vasectomy Skills Check List Oregon Nurses Association 8
Presentation HB 2103 Alexandra B. Roginsky testimony physician; Fellow of the American College of Surgeons 26
Presentation HB 2103 Barbara Holtry testimony Oregon State Board of Nursing 25
Presentation HB 2103 Brian Mitchell testimony President, Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists 27
Witness Registration HB 2103 HB 2103 witness registration staff 11
Presentation HB 2103 Jacqueline Koski testimony physician 24
Presentation HB 2103 Joy Skaug testimony physician 15
Presentation HB 2103 Julie Hicks testimony physician, Oregon 23
Presentation HB 2103 Kathryn Alcarez email physician 21
Presentation HB 2103 Mary E. Turner testimony physician, Oregon 19
Presentation HB 2103 Mehrdad Saririan testimony physician 16
Presentation HB 2103 Micaela Wexler testimony physician, Clinical Assistant Professor, Kansas University Medical Center 18
Presentation HB 2103 Nicole Gilg Gachiani testimony Section Chief, Primary Care Clinic 13
Presentation HB 2103 Pete Reagan testimony retired family physician, Portland 10
Presentation HB 2103 Rachel Prusak testimony member, Oregon Nurses Association 9
Presentation HB 2103 Renee Sabshin testimony physician 14
Presentation HB 2103 Sara Bubenik testimony patient resource physician 17
Presentation HB 2103 Stanley A. Myers article NW Urology, LLC 12
Presentation HB 2103 Tammy Bloom testimony urologic surgeon, Oregon 22
Presentation HB 2103 Thuy Hong Nguyen testimony physician, Oregon 20
Preliminary SMS HB 2339 HB 2339 Preliminary SMS staff
Meeting Material HB 2339 HB 2339 A_FIS_Impact staff
Meeting Material HB 2339 HB 2339 A_RIS_Impact staff
Presentation HB 2339 Brian Mitchell testimony President, Oregon Society of Anesthesiologists 2
Presentation HB 2339 Courtni Dresser joint testimony Oregon Medical Association, OR-ACEP, Oregon Pathologists Association, Osteopathic Physicians et al 1
Preliminary SMS HB 2527 HB 2527 Preliminary SMS staff
Presentation HB 2527 Bill Cross testimony Oregon State Pharmacy Association; Oregon Society of Health-System Pharmacists 29
Witness Registration HB 2527 HB 2527 A witness registration staff 28
Preliminary SMS HB 2839 HB 2839 -A2 Preliminary SMS staff
Presentation HB 2839 Ava Bartley testimony FACT Oregon 32
Witness Registration HB 2839 HB 2839 A witness registration staff 31
Preliminary SMS HB 3014 HB 3014 Preliminary SMS staff
Witness Registration HB 3014 HB 3014 A witness registration staff 3
Presentation HB 3014 Sylvie Donaldson testimony Director, Health Licensing Office, Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority 4