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2015 Regular Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time
HB 3380 -2 Proposed 4/10/2015 1:49 PM
HB 3375 -2 Adopted 4/9/2015 12:53 PM
HB 2655 -8 Proposed 4/9/2015 12:18 PM
HB 2150 -7 Adopted 4/10/2015 8:15 AM
HB 2150 -5 Proposed 4/3/2015 12:03 PM
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter
Presentation HB 2655 Laura Paxson Kluthe Testimony Resident, Oregon
Presentation HB 2655 Sue Hildick Testimony President, Chalkboard Project
Presentation HB 3380 Chuck Ransom Testimony Superintendent, Woodburn School District
Meeting Material HB 3380 Early Learning Hub Report Staff
Presentation HB 3380 Elise Brown Testimony Ready for School
Presentation HB 3380 Elise Shepherd Testimony The Knowledge Universe
Presentation HB 3380 George Russell Testimony George Russell & Associates
Presentation HB 3380 Holly Mar Conte Testimony Lane Early Learning Alliance
Presentation HB 3380 Iris Maria Chavez Testimony Stand for Children
Presentation HB 3380 James Barta Testimony Children First for Oregon
Presentation HB 3380 Joel Fischer Testimony Oregon Business Association
Presentation HB 3380 Kali Thorne Ladd Testimony KairosPDX
Presentation HB 3380 Ken Thrasher Testimony Resident, Oregon
Presentation HB 3380 Megan Irwin Testimony Acting Early Learning System Director
Presentation HB 3380 Nancy Andereson Testimony David Douglas School District
Presentation HB 3380 Rep. Betty Komp Testimony Rep. Betty Komp HD 22
Presentation HB 3380 Robin Wisdom and Karen Nibler Testimony League of Women Voters
Presentation HB 3380 Williams and McClintock Testimony Oregon Community Foundation
Witness Registration HB 3380 Witness Registration HB 3380 Staff
Presentation HB 3496 Cathy Lehmann Testimony Principal, Lot Whitcomb Elemntary School
Presentation HB 3496 Jason McCammon Testimony Culinary Arts Teacher, North Clackamas SD
Presentation HB 3496 Matt Utterback Testimony Superintendent, North Clackamas School District
Witness Registration HB 3496 Witness Registration HB 3496 Staff