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2024 Regular Session
Committee Action
Public Hearing - Heard

Amendment Status Posted Date And Time
  -2 Proposed 2/6/2024 11:57 AM

Staff Analyses and Reports
Document Type Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Preliminary SMS HB 4162 -2 Preliminary SMS Staff 2/7/2024 1:07 PM
  Witness Registration HB 4162 (witness registraton) staff 2/9/2024 8:56 AM
Presentations Displayed in Committee
No public testimony to display in committee
Submitted Written Public Testimony
Title Submitter Position Org. or City of Res Posted Date And Time
  Testimony Sam Schwartz Support Graduate Employee at UO 2/5/2024 6:41 PM
  Letter Felicity Ratway Support American Federation of Teachers - Oregon 2/7/2024 11:01 AM
  Letter Sam Schwartz Support Eugene 2/7/2024 8:05 PM
  Testimony Chris Parta, on behalf of Victor Reyes Support AAUP-OR 2/7/2024 8:13 PM
  Testimony Chris Baker Support Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon 2/7/2024 8:53 PM
  Testimony Miriam Garland, on behalf of Western Oregon University Support Noti 2/8/2024 8:09 AM
  Testimony Jean Pierce, on behalf of LWV Oregon Support League of Women Voters of Oregon 2/8/2024 11:41 AM
  Testimony Heather Stuart, on behalf of Fair Shot For All Coalition Support Fair Shot For All Coalition 2/8/2024 2:26 PM
  Testimony michelle huss Support Portland Community College 2/8/2024 2:51 PM
  Testimony Deb Dupras, on behalf of Oregon Council of Presidents Support Salem 2/8/2024 2:59 PM
  Testimony Greer Klepacki, on behalf of Our Children Oregon Support Portland 2/8/2024 3:56 PM
  Testimony Josselyn Studer Support Eugene 2/8/2024 4:07 PM
  Testimony Amy Hofer Support Open Oregon Educational Resources 2/9/2024 10:05 AM
  Testimony Madeline Frisk Support Portland 2/9/2024 11:22 AM
  Testimony Sammi Teo Support Oregon Food Bank 2/9/2024 2:34 PM
  Testimony Britt Conroy Support EMO 2/9/2024 3:01 PM
  Testimony Susan Watson Support Portland Community College 2/9/2024 3:24 PM
  Testimony Zoe Cooper-Caroselli Support Portland Community College 2/9/2024 3:36 PM
  Testimony Kevin Moore, on behalf of Mt Hood Community College Support Gresham 2/9/2024 4:10 PM
  Testimony Javi Estrada, on behalf of MHCC Student Body President Support Gresham 2/10/2024 12:43 PM
  Testimony Hunter Hall, on behalf of WOU Student Body President Support Monmouth 2/10/2024 12:46 PM
  Testimony Chloe Webster, on behalf of UO Student Body President Support Eugene 2/10/2024 12:56 PM
  Testimony Carissa O'Donnell, on behalf of OSU Student Body President Support Corvallis 2/10/2024 12:57 PM
  Testimony Teresa Alonso Leon, on behalf of Former Oregon State Representative Support Woodburn 2/10/2024 1:03 PM
  Letter Nick Keough, on behalf of HB 4162 Endorsements and One Pager Support Eugene 2/10/2024 1:06 PM
  Article Joseph Cruz, on behalf of Oregon Student Association Support Portland 2/10/2024 1:14 PM
  Testimony Rook Smith, on behalf of SOU Student Support Ashland 2/10/2024 1:16 PM
  Testimony Kerry Leek, on behalf of Faculty Librarian at PCC Support Portland 2/10/2024 1:23 PM
  Letter Rebecca Read Support Seaside 2/10/2024 2:20 PM


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