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2019 Regular Session
No proposed amendments are available for this meeting.
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter
Presentation SB 53 Adam Crawford (testimony) Adam Crawford, Government Relations Director, Department of Administrative Services
Presentation SB 53 Lindsay Baker (testimony) Lindsay Baker, Government Relations Manager, Oregon Department of Transporation
Presentation SB 70 Glenn Kolb (testimony) Glenn Kolb, Executive Director, Oregon Veterinary Medical Association
Witness Registration SB 70 SB 70 (witness registration) staff
Preliminary SMS SB 70 SB 70 Preliminary SMS staff
Presentation SB 71 Shannon Hurn, Colin Gillin (testimony) Shannon Hurn, Deputy Director; Colin Gillin, State Wildlife Veterinarian, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Witness Registration SB 71 SB 71 (witness registration) staff
Presentation SB 71 Emilio E. DeBess (testimony) Emilio E. DeBess, Board Chair, Veterinary Medical Examining Board
Preliminary SMS SB 71 SB 71 Preliminary SMS staff
Witness Registration SB 246 SB 246 (witness registration) staff
Revenue Impact Statement SB 246 SB 246 (revenue impact statement) staff
Preliminary SMS SB 246 SB 246 Preliminary SMS staff