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2017 Regular Session
Measure Amendment Status Posted Date and Time
HB 2296 -1 Proposed 2/15/2017 2:42 PM
Meeting Materials
Document Type Measure Exhibit Title Submitter
Presentation HB 2268 Abby Boudouris testimony DEQ
Meeting Material HB 2268 HB 2268_Proposed Amendments_LC 593 staff
Witness Registration HB 2268 witness registration staff
Presentation HB 2296 Racquel Rancier and Tom Byler testimony Water Resources Department
Presentation HB 2296 Jerry Schmidt testimony and information OWC LLC
Presentation HB 2296 Kimberley Priestley testimony WaterWatch of Oregon
Presentation HB 2296 Gil Riddell testimony AOC
Witness Registration HB 2296 witness registration staff
Presentation HB 2343 Andy Ginsburg testimony Oregon Department of Energy
Witness Registration HB 2343 witness registration staff
Presentation HB 2746 Jesse Sweet testimony Oregon Liquor Control Commission
Presentation HB 2746 Dan Meek testimony Oregon Progressive Party
Witness Registration HB 2746 witness registration staff