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2021 Regular Session
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Staff Analysis
Document Type Title Submitter Posted Date And Time
  Witness Registration HB 2578 (witness registration) staff 3/24/2021 11:15 AM
  Preliminary SMS HB 2578 Preliminary SMS Staff 3/11/2021 12:53 PM
Public Testimony to Display in Committee
No public testimony to display in committee
Public Testimony
Title Submitter Org. or City of Res Posted Date And Time
  Testimony Judy Froemke Portland 3/7/2021 12:39 PM
  Testimony Audrey Zunkel deCoursey Portland 3/7/2021 1:58 PM
  Testimony Debbie Aiona, on behalf of League of Women Voters of Oregon and Nancy Donovan League of Women Voters of Oregon 3/9/2021 9:49 AM
  Testimony Diane Linn Proud Ground 3/9/2021 10:27 AM
  Letter Claire Hall Newport 3/9/2021 10:36 AM
  Testimony Jon Nystrom Portland 3/9/2021 12:52 PM
  Testimony Nick Sauvie, on behalf of ROSE Community Development Portland 3/9/2021 3:29 PM
  Testimony Laurie Wimmer, on behalf of OEA Portland 3/9/2021 4:04 PM
  Testimony Barbara Dudley Oregon Working Families Party 3/9/2021 6:57 PM
  Testimony David Welton Bend 3/9/2021 10:42 PM
  Testimony Colleen Sinsky Bend 3/9/2021 11:51 PM
  Testimony Tia Politi Oregon Rental Housing Association 3/10/2021 6:30 AM
  Testimony Donna Cohen Portland 3/10/2021 9:53 AM
  Testimony Tyler Mac Innis, on behalf of Welcome Home Coalition Portland 3/10/2021 12:26 PM
  Testimony Charles DeSeranno, on behalf of Salem Rental Housing Association Salem 3/10/2021 1:10 PM
  Testimony John Calhoun, on behalf of Oregon Coalition of Christian Voices Portland 3/10/2021 1:43 PM
  Testimony Sherri McPherson, on behalf of Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants 3/10/2021 2:51 PM
  Testimony Anne Bridget Geertsen Eugene 3/10/2021 3:09 PM
  Testimony Jennifer Lundstrom Portland 3/10/2021 3:14 PM
  Testimony Shannon Vilhauer Habitat for Humanity of Oregon 3/10/2021 3:44 PM
  Testimony Eric Noll, on behalf of City of Portland City of Portland 3/10/2021 5:34 PM
  Testimony Kate Allen Astoria 3/10/2021 6:44 PM
  Testimony Bradley Twiss Portland 3/10/2021 8:10 PM
  Testimony Laurel Marquand Portland 3/10/2021 8:12 PM
  Testimony Tabitha Boschetti Portland OR 3/10/2021 8:27 PM
  Testimony Daniel Hauser Oregon Center for Public Policy 3/10/2021 9:29 PM
  Testimony Eileen Kiely, on behalf of Tax Fairness Oregon Sunriver 3/10/2021 9:47 PM
  Testimony Darrell Fuller, on behalf of Oregon RV Dealers Assn Oregon RV Dealers Assn 3/10/2021 10:12 PM
  Testimony Michael Andersen, on behalf of Sightline Institute Sightline Institute 3/10/2021 11:14 PM
  Testimony Alissa Keny-Guyer, on behalf of myself Portland 3/11/2021 1:26 AM
  Testimony Dan Meek, on behalf of Oregon Progressive Party Portland 3/11/2021 3:42 AM
  Testimony Beth Woodward Portland 3/11/2021 7:04 AM
  Letter Brian Hoop Portland 3/11/2021 8:09 AM
  Testimony Alejandra Lilley, on behalf of Oregon AFSCME Philomath 3/11/2021 8:14 AM
  Testimony Richard Wisner Siletz 3/11/2021 8:48 AM
  Testimony Tim Pitts Think Real Estate 3/11/2021 9:27 AM
  Testimony Doug Klotz Portland 3/11/2021 9:38 AM
  Testimony Gabriele Hayden, on behalf of myself Eugene Oregon 3/11/2021 10:36 AM
  Testimony Lily Copenagle Portland 3/11/2021 10:55 AM
  Testimony Lily Copenagle Portland 3/11/2021 10:58 AM
  Testimony Heather Staten Hood River 3/11/2021 11:06 AM
  Testimony Beatrice DOhrn, on behalf of Beatrice Dohrn Eugene 3/11/2021 11:10 AM
  Testimony Michael Parkhurst Portland 3/11/2021 11:58 AM
  Testimony Ruth Adkins Portland 3/11/2021 12:56 PM
  Testimony CASA of Oregon CASA of ORegon 3/11/2021 1:03 PM
  Testimony Michele Ruffin, on behalf of Forward Together Action Forward Together Action 3/11/2021 1:19 PM
  Testimony Tammie Murray NW Oregon Coast Range 3/11/2021 2:34 PM
  Testimony Representative Khanh Pham House District 46 3/11/2021 2:54 PM
  Testimony Kevin Christiansen, on behalf of Oregon Bankers Association Oregon Bankers Association 3/11/2021 3:18 PM
  Testimony Ernesto Fonseca Hacienda CDC 3/11/2021 4:06 PM
  Testimony Beth Jacobi Tumalo 3/11/2021 5:57 PM
  Testimony Stephanie Moll Aumsville 3/11/2021 8:07 PM
  Testimony Ann Pasbrig Beaverton 3/11/2021 10:10 PM
  Testimony AnnieRose Shapero Portland 3/11/2021 10:14 PM
  Testimony gabrielle roth Portland 3/12/2021 7:59 AM
  Testimony Britt Conroy Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon 3/16/2021 12:04 PM
  Testimony Marty Carty, on behalf of Oregon Primary Care Association Oregon Primary Care Association 3/16/2021 12:25 PM
  Testimony David Wall City of Newberg 3/19/2021 2:40 PM


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