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2020 Regular Session

Open Government Impact Statements

Open government impact statements describe how measures affect the disclosure, or exemption from disclosure, of public records. They are prepared by Legislative Counsel as required by ORS 192.488.

Senate Open Government Impacts
Measure Version Impact
SB1535 Introduced Impact
SB1535 Minority Report A-Engrossed No Impact
SB1535 A-Engrossed Impact
SB1535 B-Engrossed Impact
SB1536 Introduced No Impact
SB1536 A-Engrossed No Impact
SB1536 B-Engrossed No Impact
SB1537 Introduced No Impact
SB1538 Introduced No Impact
SB1539 Introduced No Impact
SB1540 Introduced Impact
SB1540 A-Engrossed Impact
SB1540 B-Engrossed Impact
SB1541 Introduced No Impact
SB1541 A-Engrossed No Impact
SB1542 Introduced No Impact
SB1542 A-Engrossed No Impact
SB1543 Introduced No Impact
SB1543 A-Engrossed No Impact
SB1543 B-Engrossed No Impact

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